• Osa Iyamu

Why UK Edos Should Attend The Edo Summit UK 2019

As the date for the first Edo Summit in the UK draws near, approximately 5 weeks to the time, there has been various concerns raised including size of venue, parking, security, food and others. The most stand-out concerns center around the turn-out of Edos in the UK to support Edo causes and a perceived appetite for interrogation of our Edo leaders. We have been advised that these two factors need to be addressed to ensure leaders of Edo state can come here and speak to Edos in confidence.

There is a common chat due to work and family commitments that Edos would not make the effort to attend the Edo Summit in the UK. This issue is not a problem. The demand for tickets for this event is at a record high in the Edo community. Edos in the UK have made the efforts and sacrifice required to show they mean business in joining hands with their leaders to improve Edo State.

With respect to interrogation, this is a mis-conception. Edos in the UK diaspora seldom see their leaders and almost never may question them on what they see, read or hear. It bottles up. So, whenever the opportunity arises for Edos to speak to a leader from Edo state, a lot may come out in the short space they are afforded. This should not be seen as antagonizing or interrogating but the process can definitely become better if a meeting, such as the summit was more frequent. This is not an excuse but a valid observation. However, the Edo Summit UK has allocated a 5 minutes slot to leaders of Edo Unions, Association, Alumni and friends to address the congregation at the summit including the Edo State Governor. The 5 minutes have 5 main points of Who they are? What they stand for? Achievements in Edo state? Where the Government can help further their endeavour to help Edo people? And what they are not happy with?

With the above parameters in place, we are sure the Government will be able to listen and give a measured response on the day. The Governor can also take many things away and respond at a later date. There will be no form of antagonization, but the people must be free to talk to their Governor, which I think is what the Governor wants to see.

I can confirm Edos in the UK are in “full expectation mode”. There have been adverts of the summit everywhere. TV Presenters have spoken about the Edo summit, The Nigerian High commission has been notified. Edos are coming from Scotland and across Europe to attend the Edo summit.

The Edos in the UK have long made clear their concerns for Edos at home by supporting them for over 30 years. The theme of the summit “To join hands with Our Leaders to further improve Edo State” is a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

A large turn- out is expected on this great day for Edos in the UK Diaspora. Tickets are out and selling fast. Please do not attend this summit without a ticket.

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