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June 22nd, 2019, the Day the Most Important Edo Call was Answered.

The First Edo Summit UK will be remembered as the day when the potential of the Edo diaspora was unlocked. The day when the Edo Diaspora and the Edo State Government joined hands to move Edo State forward. The day when there was an end in sight to Edo sufferings at home.

From this year, Edo State will now be playing its strongest hand. The Edo Government, the Edo Diaspora, and investors, together will make Edo state great again:

Gov. Obaseki answered the call of the Edo Summit UK. He explained to the audience what his administration has been doing in Edo State. Gov. Obaseki also motivated the Edo diaspora by his sincerity and passion to serve Edos. He won the crowd over.

GO engaged properly with the Edo diaspora enlightening them of the struggles at home, how we got here and what we must all do together to ensure not only do we get out of our current situation, but we never return to this position again. Governor Obaseki explained, took questions, and expressed his administration's willingness to partner with Edos in the diaspora to overcome the challenges Edos face at home.

The response was overwhelming. Edos in the UK were more positive than anticipated. Godwin shook hands and took pictures with everyone. He thanked them for their contribution to Edo State acknowledging they will have less for their old age and retirement if we do not face our problems.

A cross selection of Edos from Scotland, France, Newcastle, Ireland, Manchester, Bedfordshire and far places came to attend the Edo Summit UK and they were not disappointed. They want to get on board NOW. They want Obaseki to stay as Governor further than 2020.This is the GO effect.

Gov. Godwin Obaseki did not mind that the venue was not glamorous. He did not mind the hiccups with the projector, all he noticed was Edos who wanted to do better for their fellow people, and that was good enough for him.

The behaviour of everyone was impeccable. Governor Obaseki thanked the crowd for their efforts and they thanked him for his.

Full details will be out soon.

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