• Ikheko Evbuomwan

HealthRedeem UK Launching Quality Health Cover for Edos at Home.

This scheme has been designed for Nigerians in the diaspora, to enable them to care for their loved ones and the less privileged, those who cannot afford hospital bills back home in Nigeria. This scheme was born as a result of the ugly experience of most Nigerians living abroad, experience from some family members, who refused to care for their elderly parents, children, and even their siblings. Instead of going to the hospital for proper medical assessment and the right medication, they prefer to cut corners thereby compromising the health of their family members, in order to enrich their pockets. The health insurance plan which will help you save a lot on healthcare costs; it will give you that peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have access to the right medical care and the right medications.

Our goal is to ensure that quality healthcare services, right medications, for the right condition and for the right person are delivered to the people in Edo State Experienced, young, dynamic and eager. That’s who we are.

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