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The Immigration Impact of Covid 19 in the UK Black Ethnic Communities & The Edo Association Maki

There are many families in the UK black ethnic minority community who are living under the radar due to their immigration status. These individuals and families are mostly in the black ethnic African and Caribbean communities in England.

A lot of them are waiting for their immigration status to be resolved. They do undocumented manual labour to pay for their accommodation and so they can afford the immigration fees to regularise their status. Since the Covid 19 pandemic hit 7 months ago, these people have been in serious hardship.

Many of them work in the hospitality sector which has been the sector hardest hit by Covid 19. Now they do not have jobs, lack food and are struggling with their accommodation. They have no recourse to public funds which is an immigration status limitation. They cannot access any Covid 19 help because of fear of immigration officers coming to arrest them and a lack of information on what help is available. For those with families, their children cannot get educational help for home learning, because the parents cannot afford computers they are learning with their phones. Currently, they go to food banks and local churches for assistance, especially the African churches.

Ekpoma-Okpa Association UK is a registered charity organisation in London helping these deprived families.

The President of Ekpoma Okpa UK, Mr Agbonbhaselena Omonua, said seeing the plight of these people first-hand is what moved the association to act. They are people, families and children from Edo state, Nigeria, all over Africa and beyond, who are in the UK and are suffering severely from this lockdown deprivation situation.

Ekpoma Okpa UK has been able to raise some money from the National Lottery to buy computers and food and provide assistance for people affected. However, they need more, with your help they want to help as many of these people as possible in these difficult times. Ekpoma-Okpa also needs you to tell them of any families you may know about who are in this situation.

Together we can make a difference in these very hard times.

Please see below contact details for Ekpoma Okpa Association UK

email info@ekpomaokpa.co.uk or Telephone: +447944312005.

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