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Citrix Consultant, Mr Omoruyi Igiehon, Facilitates The 1 Edo Structure UK Discussions.

The Edo diaspora UK Community is on an upward trend. Hosting the Edo Summit UK in 2019 which the Governor attended and our participation in Edo2020 has certainly brought the community into the spotlight. As a result, more Edos in the UK want to engage with their community.

The Edo community in the UK to date, has been kept ticking by the Elders, unions and associations. However, after the events of the last two years, there is a determination from many Edos in the UK to support the community and help achieve its potential so it can work for all Edos in the UK and Edo State. This is the first time we are having such a positive drive from the next generation in line, and it must be seen as a good thing. First, how do we absorb the new Edos, and what they are bringing?

Two weeks ago, Edo Connect put out a publication setting out the current structure of over 50 unions and associations. It is inefficient to have many separate organisations representing Edo interest. To improve community cohesion, the next step is to encourage these organisations to amalgamate. That publication received a lot of response.

Mr Omoruyi Igiehon, an IT Citrix Consultant in Manchester, was among those who responded to the publication. He said, for him it is time to give back. Mr Igiehon grew up in Benin attending Airforce primary school and Greater Tomorrow secondary school. He is a strong advocate for sustainable community cohesion and development. He has agreed to facilitate 3 sets of Zoom meetings and a Town hall meeting after the lockdown to discuss Edo Community progress.

Mr Igiehon argued that presently existing Edo structures of Unions and associations, do not need a change of pattern or reduction in number of organisations in order to accommodate new bloods like him. There is definitely a need, however, for all Edos in the UK to be able to sing from one hymn sheet in order to become stronger in every sense, as a community.

How do we all sing from one hymn sheet that so that we get the immense benefits to Edos in Diaspora and those at home?

These discussions are stating this weekend on Zoom.

All Edo unions, associations, professionals, individuals, men and women are invited. See Zoom details below and on the flyer.

Please join in.

The Editor.

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