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Just Food! and it was meant for them.

In the last week, Nigerian youths have pressed the reset button on the truth, and the echoes are ringing loud in the household of every Nigerian generation worldwide. This fight could have been done many years ago instead of waiting in line to get your own share and denying the truth. Millions of Nigerians are still doing it even as I write. Ask yourself why.

For the first time, the world can see how happy Nigerian youths are to get what is meant for them. Food! And they had to take it by force. What else do they need to take by force? Water, electricity, education, jobs, governance, the lot?

Many Nigerian politicians and Governors have come out to speak, and give lame excuses for not delivering food, that has now gone out of date while the masses were dying of hunger. This is pure and simple wickedness. As the uprising continues it would help if all Nigerian Governors and politicians remain quite unless they have truth to say.

The disconnect of Nigerian leaders and the denials of the affluent Nigerian citizens have been exposed. It is all out-of-date ideas, and deceit. Today, a bag of rice is N40k, and a month’s salary of a Nigerian family is between N18k and N30k. The politicians have stolen all the money to send their families to schools abroad, and those families are mentored over here by Nigerians.

Where is the fight? When can we be bold enough to stand for the truth?

In the diaspora, Nigerians are very self-centred. They are throwing away Nigerian generational resources because they are only interested in themselves or going back home to live like lords. Can you go home now? The Nigerian diaspora community has become a joke to other communities. We are known as a people who like to flash clothes, cars, and big houses, at the expense of the suffering of our future generations. There are also Nigerian youths here, who will never achieve their potential because their communities do not care.

It is about time everything got fixed.

RIP to the heroes of the Lekki massacre. On your blood, these battles will be won.

The Editor

The Editor

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