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Keep Focus. We all want a better Nigeria

If you are a true Nigerian that has wished for change for so many years, why don’t you say why you have a problem with this SARS protest? Is it really the broken roofs, chairs or gov’t tanks that were destroyed? Or the poor who got their palliatives, or perhaps, a Governor or Governors you like that let you down by their actions? Ask yourself.

In the diaspora, Nigerians, have seen many international protests. In 2019/2020, in China and the USA, these protests have lasted months and caused untold mayhem. Protest for rights, fairness, equality, betterment of living conditions and so on. At the end of the protests in these continents, Nigerians in diaspora enjoy the benefits of the protesters. Everyone enjoys the benefits of fairer society including those people who called it mayhem.

In recent times, many West Indians in the UK and Black Americans in the USA have quietly expressed concern about the contribution of Nigerians. They have a problem with Nigerians not taking part in the everyday struggle that creates opportunities for the black people in the UK and the USA. Nigerians, they say, only seem to want to enjoy the opportunities as black people after the struggle is won. Our children are different, but damn it must hurt others to see generations of able Nigerians in their country who only appear to be interested in personal financial prosperity.

It is not all doom and gloom, however, Nigerians are learning. Today we have understood what protest is about. Last month our rebellion worked for us in Edo2020 when the international community of Edos went everywhere for justice and change. They shook the system until they got what they wanted. They did not do it for Godwin Obaseki, they did it for change.

So, let’s stop talking sideways. The Nigerian decay did not start with this generation, but we all need it to end now. Maybe the turning point has come when the Nigerian Government will actually change something on the back of the #SARSPROTEST, maybe. But one thing we must all agree to know now, is that in an uprising/protest, there will be casualties-roofs, cars, things you love etc. But we need protests until Government starts doing the right things that will make our lives better.

Keep focus. We all want a better Nigeria. #endsarsnow #endbadgovernance

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