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Edo Women: The Attitude has Changed,Feel Free to Step Up

If you are married to an Edo man, you are an Edo woman. if you born by Edo parents or did most of your education in Edo State, you are an Edo woman. This amounts to a very large number of Edo women in diaspora, UK and USA and at home also in Lagos and Abuja.

In all my years of serving the Edo Community, I have never seen an Edo woman in the UK or USA bring a foreigner (Oyinbo woman or man) as a partner, professional or investor to any Edo gathering to say, these are my sisters, and we are trying to help our community and our home State. The fact is almost 100% of Edo men do not have their wife’s approval when it comes to helping the Edo Community, Why?

Edo women are good at “my home building only” in the Diaspora. They mainly support their husbands and children in the house to succeed in their chosen profession and careers, something to make the family stand out and give them bragging rights over the next. They have done that successfully, to a large extent, because today in the Diaspora, Edo men occupy good jobs and most Edo children have attended good schools and occupy good jobs. However, the challenge facing Edos today have exceeded those foundations.

Our challenge of coming together as one and giving our children a good community with a rich heritage to be part of, opportunities to take advantage of, and responsibilities to carry on is seriously suffering. One of the main reasons we are unable to overcome this challenge so far is the fact that Edo women have not been able to develop the friendships and relationships which they have built amongst themselves into “real meaning”. The have not been able to develop meaningful friendships and relationships amongst themselves. In fact, they have stopped trying. They have all stopped at the point of “tongues with venom” and have decided to turn their backs on the community and at best work in individual cocoons. They have denounced their husbands, Edo sisters and friends to a lower class for even trying to help the community. Honestly, up to 95% of Edo women I have seen in all my years of working in the Edo Community have lost interest totally in developing the community. The attitude now is “Give the Edo community as little as possible if you have to”. They have not given anything to me, and they have not supported me. Why should I support them with my time or resource?

Newsflash Update: Edos no longer tolerate men and women who speak negatively about us and our community. We just have not made it official but let me make it official here and right now! Anybody who wants to look down on you, talk about your past, destroy your confidence, not respect your hard-work, not interested in welcoming their Edo sister, not interested in supporting their Edo partner or child to help the Edo Community, is not trending. That negative Edo attitude is not welcome anymore.

The time has come to make a conscious decision to rise above negativity created by the Edo tongues of venom. To unlock the potential of The Edo woman in our community. Just because you do not want to help does not mean you must destroy people who want to. How about you start using your Tongue for encouragement. We need all our Edo women to be able to grow as a community. We have now got bigger fish to fry.

Edo women please reach out to one another with renewed optimism. Develop your wonderful friendships to include community meanings that will help us to overcome the real challenges of now and our futures. Also, Let the Edo men know they are not wasting their time trying to help the community, that it has to be done.

Whilst I believe orphanage homes and Alumni school renovations are good achievements, we must agree that surface has been scratched for too long without seeing actual results. Edo women must activate their communities properly to create real opportunities that will mean change in our community.

The attitude has changed, please feel free to step up.

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