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We Want to Help! The Transatlantic Edo Zoom Update with Edo Network Alliance, Northern California.

We Want to Help! The Transatlantic Edo Zoom Update with Edo Network Alliance,

The time has finally come. For decades Edos in Diaspora have been sending money home to support family, friends and charities. It is now clear that we, Edos in Diaspora, have not found the right solutions to the problems in Edo State. Edos in diaspora currently endure sleepless nights after seeing videos from Benin-city that show the insecurity and deaths amongst youths in Edo State primarily caused by poverty, unemployment, mindset, and a lack of social development.

The transatlantic Edo Zoom on Sunday 29 November 2020 was initiated by Edo Network Alliance Northern California, to review what we have been doing as a community and explore a better, sustainable and targeted approach to help tackle the problems facing Edo State today.

Members of Edo Alliance made their intentions very clear in the Zoom call, they want to give back to Edo State! They can raise funds where needed but we must highlight the lessons learnt and experiences from the past to develop a workable and measurable system going forward. There were contributions from everybody:

· Mr Emma Dania (Northern California): I am tired of what many of us do in the US. We attend the Edo end of year parties, pay dues, and then go back to our homes. But we do nothing to relieve the suffering in Edo State.

· Mr Francis Agbi (London): It is Time to make Edo conversations more effective. Finance has always been key.

· Mr Churchill Sorae (California): Time to identify the root causes of Edo State problems. Prioritize and attack them. We need to have the same vision.

· Mr Charles Uzamere (Lagos): Too many Edo groups all over. Talk and no action. Edo personalities worldwide must increase their participation in Edo State’s revival.

· Mr Valentine Cole-emuze (California): Thousands of Edo people need a new direction and a new voice. There is a huge gap to bridge.

· Mr Uyi Igbinogun (California): Assistance to Edo must be effective for us and our Diaspora families over here

· Mr Obuks Ejohwomu (London): Let’s assist Edo State as a “Cause” rather than a place of origin only. This will increase the pool of assistance.

· Mr Billy Enobakhare (California): We need short term and long-term goals bounded by a time span. We must bring the brilliant Edo minds and like minds together.

· Mr Matthias Nwabudike (London): We are here to give back to Edo State. We must have a common goal.

· Mr Gaze Aghomon (Atlanta): Education and enlightenment is needed. We can start small

· Mr Izebuwa Igiehon (California): We must build trust amongst ourselves to be able to achieve things as a community.

· Mr Amadi Ogbebor (California): Observer.

The Edo National Association Executives UK led by The President Dr Charles Omorodion welcomed the initiative of Edo Alliance. Dr Omorodion enlightened the members of Edo Alliance on projects that have been put forward by ENA UK, challenges faced and achievements of ENA UK in Edo State. He spoke that systems to facilitate their desires to assist Edo State needed to be put in place. Sports development, factory set-up, and attracting investors home is hard due to security and Government compliance challenges. The presence of too many Edo unions and associations in Diaspora, a lack of funds and a lack of Edo Govt participation have been the major hurdles.

The Benin Union UK Vice president Mr Henry Aimiuwu expressed his gladness at seeing Edo Alliance. He echoed the same problems as Dr Omorodion and said Edo Alliance Network is a very good step in the right direction. Ekpoma Okpa President Mr Agbomaselena Omonua gave details of how they were going about their support in the Ekpoma area and welcomed Edo Alliance. Mr Bankole Aigbodion, President of Afemai association, said it is now time to set a target, Afemai Union UK were tired of so much talk and no action. Lastly, Mr Edwin Igue, a senior member of The Edo UK community encouraged Edo Alliance to always put pressure on The Edo State Govt to act regarding what is needed for them to assist with happenings at home.

Edo Alliance President Emma Dania spoke passionately about garnering Edo support to help Edo State from the California area. There are thousands of Edos here and the rapid crisis currently bedevilling our Edo State can escalate if the diaspora does not step in to assist the Government. The Edo State Govt must be ready to co-operate totally in this regard.

Ideas of an Edo international database, raising funds for Edo projects, working with the Edo State Govt, attracting investment, and having a real Edo transatlantic synergy was also discussed. A further Zoom call will be booked this month to discuss collaboration, how to build trust amongst ourselves, list projects, raise funds and prioritize execution. Edo people at home must understand the uphill battles we must confront to get to the root causes of the problems in our dear state.

Edo Network Alliance was formed in 2020 by Edos in The Northern California areas to give support to Godwin Obaseki during the Edo2020 elections. We want good governance and the best opportunities for Edo people, also for our families to be able to know home, go home and continue investing in the development of our great state.

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