Obaseki Earmarks 233 roads for construction/rehabilitation in 2017

May 25, 2017


Edo state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, said that his administration would consolidate on its infrastructural renewal drive with the construction of 233  roads across the 18 local government ofthe state in the current fiscal year, saying the process for the award of the contract has already commenced.
Prequalification of contractors will be required for the construction/rehabilitation of the following contracts:



    1. Construction of Ojirami-Kpeteshi-Uneme-Erhunrhu-Ogute-Okpella road (18.3km)
    2. Construction Igarra-Okpe-Idogun road (20km)
    3. Construction of Atteh-Egbigere-Iyuku Road
    4. Construction Ososo-Okpella road
    5. Construction of Ikiran-Oke-Ikakumoh Road (13km)
    6. Construction of 4KM Ibillo-Umoga Road
    7. Construction of 1KM Afekhai/Lafia Road, Igarra
    8. Rehabilitation of 1KM Ugbogbo-Success Road with 5.8KM of Drain only, Igarra
    9. Benin CityRehabilitation of 0.7KM Igarra Girls Grammer School Road, Igarra
    10. Rehabilitation of 0.45KM Rest House Road, Igarra
    11. Rehabilitation of 1.45KM Lawani Crescent, Igarra
    12. Rehabilitation of 1.5KM Old Igarra-Auchi Road, Igarra
    13. Rehabilitation of 1.1KM Technical Road, Igarra
    14. Rehabilitation of 0.55KM Anglican Church Road, Igarra
    15. Rehabilitation of 0.22KM High Chief Mayaki Akpeji Lane
    16.  Rehabilitation of 0.33KM Otaru Okuo Luse Road
    17. Construction of Old Ewu-Agbede road (Benin- Auchi road By-pass)
    18. Construction of Idumuebo-Oghagbo road
    19. Construction of Ikekato-Unea-Uwesan-Ulegha Road
    20. Construction of Eror-Idumoza-Afuda road
    21. Construction of Idumusehu-Iduoye River Ella Road Juncion (3km)
    22.  Construction of Ualor/Asbra Road (2km)
    23. Construction of Ohe-Uroh-Ugboha Road
    24. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Ekpon Junction-Ubiaja Angle 90 Junction
    25. Construction of Idumu-Iyasele-Eguare-Uhunmebho road
    26. Construction of Ubiaja-Ugboha road
    27. Construction of Idumagho-Idumobo-Uzeba road
    28. Construction of Eguare-Idumogo-Idumuguokha Road
    29. Construction of Ebelle Road (5km)
    30. Id-Irino-Id-Agho-Uzeba Road (7km)
    31. Construction of Eguare-Iselu-Ewatto Road (5km)
    32. Construction Ogbe-Id-Guokhai Road
    33. Construction of Emu-Emunekhua Road
    34. Construction of Onogholo-Oria Road
    35. Construction of Idumuboe Iyase-Uhumebho road
    36. Construction of Eguare-Ewossa-Ewohimi Road
    37. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Eguare Junction, Ewohimi-Ewato-Ohordua
    38. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Uselu Junction, Ewohimi-Okaigben-Delta State Boundary
    39. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Ubiaja/Uromi Express Way (Angle 80 / Illushi Junction)
    40. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Ubiaja Angle 90 Junction-Ahia Roundabout, Ahia
    41. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Ahia Roundabout, Ahia-Nyelen (Bridge to Delta State)
    42. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Oyomon Agric (Ubiaja/Uromi Boundary-Hospital Junction, Ubiaja)
    43. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Hospital/Prison Junction, Ubiaja-Ubiaja/Uromi Express Way Angle 90 Junction
    44. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Ubiaja-Uromi Express Way (Angle 90 Junction-Angle 80 Junction)
    45. Ekpoma-Opoji-Ugbegun Road, H.R.A. Overlay (19km)
    46. Construction of Iruekpen-Ekpoma-Ebhoakhala road
    47. Construction of Ogwa-Ugun-Amahor-Uromi Agbor Road
    48. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Ujiogba -Ugoneki Junction
    49. Construction of Ogbago-Oshiomegbe-Udochi road
    50. Construction of Fugar-Weppa-Wanno road
    51. Construction of Ogbona-Ekperi road
    52. Construction of Udaba Road
53.. Construction of Okpella Township road
    54. Construction of Ibvioghe-Iviebua-Iviukha/Ivianokpodi-Ibviegbeuei-Iviukwe/Ekwebor Road
    55. Construction of 2.2KM Rinocem-Afokpella Road
    56. Construction of 2.4KM Imioko-Ogriga Road
    57. Construction of 1.6KM Maternity-Baptist Church Road
    58. Construction of Jagbe road
    59. Construction and rehabilitation of Etsako West Township roads (10km)
    60. Dualization of Auchi-Warrake Road
    61. Construction of Apana-Iraokhor road
    62. Construction of Ikholor-Ogbido road
    63. Construction of Sabo-Iyakpe road
    64. Construction of Ughiole-Ubiane road
    65. Construction of Afashio-Iyora-Afowa Road
    66. Construction of Mechanic Site-Sabo-Sobe Road
    67. Construction of Inevbie Road
    68. Construction of Igbe Road/ICE Road/Mission Road, Auchi
    69. Construction of Igelesoh Road/Iyete Road/Abose Road
    70. Construction of Mechanic Site-Sabo-Sobe Road
    71. Construction of Ekpon-Igbodo-Asaba Road
    72. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Oyomon Road (Igueben Palace Roundabout-Ugbegun Junction)
    73. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Police Station Road, Eguare, Igueben
    74. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Mission Road (Igueben/Udo Junction-Palace Junction
    75. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Chief Rapheal Oboh Street, Igueben Police Station Junction
    76. Rehabilitation of failed sections on Union Bank Road, Igueben-Agbor Uromi Express Way
    77. A spur at Urhomehe to Agbor-Abraka Road including Mission Road Urhonigbe (62km)
    78. Construction of Abudu Township roads
    79. Sokponba Palmo Road
    80. Evboeghae-Iduelaka-Evbokabua-Evbowen Road
    81. Evboarhue/Iguemokhua Abe Road (22km)
    82. Construction upgrade of 70KM Evbiakagba-Ikpe-Evbuarue-Evbuowie-Avbiugo-Okogbo-Iduowina-Igbekhue-Obozogbe’Niro-Ugboko’Niro-Ugo’Niyekorhionmwon-Evbuoesi-Ethiope River Road from single-carriage way to dual-carriage way
    83. Construction upgrade of 27KM Iguelaba-Ugo’Niyekorhionmwon-Benin Abraka Road from single-carriage way to dua-carriage way
    84. Construction of 4.4KM Evbuoesi/Benin Abraka-Urhuehue with single span Bridge of 10.4M x 15M
    85. Construction of Urevbu-Evbuoesi Road
    86. Construction of Iguiye-Iyanomo-Ugbodun Road
    87. Construction of Olumoye Bridge/Agekpanu/Ogbesse Bridge
    88. Construction of Ekosodin Road
    89. Rehabilitation of Okokhuo Agekpanu Road (including Internal Roads in Okokhuo Community
    90. Construction of Okhunmwun-Uhogua-Iguadolor Road (2km)
    91. Construction of Tayo Akpata University Road, Ekiadolor
    92. Construction of Utekon-Ekosodin Road
    93. Construction of Okomu-Igueze-Igueladidi-Iguelahor-Urhezen-Madagbayo-Safarogbo-Obayantor roads (25km)
    94. Construction of Udo Township Roads (10km)
    95. Construction of Iguobazuwa-Ugbokun Road
    96. Construction ofHospital Road / Usen Road Linking Mission Road and Iguobazuwa-Ogbesse Highway, Iguobazuwa
    97. Construction of Uwa Street linking Usen Road and Iguobazuwa-Ogbesse Highway, Iguobazuwa
    98. Construction of Mission Road, Iguobazuwa
    99. Construction of Iguabazuwa Township Roads
    100. Construction of Afuze-Erah-Iruekpen Road
    101. Construction of Irue-Ikhin Road
    102. Construction of Ouokha-Ohami and Arokho Road
    103. Construction of Prison Road, Ozalla
    104. Construction of Ehor-Irhue-Ekpan-Umokpe-Orhua-Ozalla Road with 2No. Spurs to Oke and Irhuekpe
    105. Construction of Ehor-Ugiamwan-Ukpogo-Ekpoma Road
    106. Construction of Obadan-Ugoneki-Ugonoba Road
    107. Completion of Ugoneki-Ugiehudu-Ehor road
    108. Construction of Idunmwuowina-Urora Road
    109. Construction of Ewan-Ugoneki Road
    110. Construction of Ogheghe-Uma-Irighon Road
    111. Construction of Eguaeholor-Oghada-Uvbenisi Road
    112. Construction of Ekhoenudulu Road
    113. Construction of Eyaen-Ahor-Uzalla Road
    114. Construction of Uhi-Erhiborhibo Road
    115. Construction of Inner Erhua Road
    116. Construction of Uwasota road (2km)
    117. Rehabilitation of Ogbelaka-Aruosa Streets
    118. Construction of Oghobaghase Street-Uwa-Uyegun Lane
    119. Reconstruction of Owina-Evbotubu Road
    120. Construction of Aisosa-Okhoro Road
    121. Rehabilitation of Ogbeifun Lane / Victor Uwaifo Avenue
    122. Construction of Custom Road - Street 2, Federal Housing Estate, Iwogban linking Aduwawa and Lucky Way
    123. Dualization of Ekehuan road
    124. Reconstruction of Goodwill Street/Aerodrome Close
    125. Rehabilitation of Amadasun / Abu Streets / Osawe Street, Off Etete Road
    126. Rehabilitation of Ekhaguere Road, Off Oko Central Road, Benin City
    127. Rehabilitation of Upper Adesuwa Road, G.R.A., Benin City
    128. Construction of Benson Idahosa University (BIU) / Ugiokhuen Road
    129. Construction of St. Saviour Ihinmwinhin-Umelu Road (Phase I)
    130. Construction of St. Saviour Ihinmwinhin-Umelu Road (Phase II)
    131. Rehabilitation of Aimuamwonsa-Igbinoba Street
    132. Construction of Uwuigbe/Odiase Roads, Ugbor, Benin City
    133. Construction of St Saviour-100ft Road with a Bridge, Upper Sokponb
    134. Construction of 2nd Power Line-Igbinidu-Izekor Street, Evbotubu, Benin City (5km)
    135. Construction of Nomayo, Upper Sokponba Road
    136. Reconstruction of 1st East Circular Road
    137. Rehabilitation of 3rd East Circular Road
    138. Rehabilitation of Ozigbo Street, Off Ekehuan Road
    139. Reconstruction of Aduwawa-Evbomodu-Urora Community Old Road Linking Benin-Auchi Road at Urora (4.5km
    140. Reconstruction of Aiwerioghene-Ajayi-Ogbebor-Obazee Street, New Benin, Benin City
    141. Construction of Upper Siluko-Ekehuan-Airport Link Road
    142. Construction of Awo Street/Awo Lane/Ogbelaka Street/Evborhan Street, Off Sapele Road
    143. Reconstruction of Old Western Street, Benin 
    144. Reconstruction of 1st Cementary Road/Idosogie Street Linking 1st, 2nd & 3rd East Circular Road
    145. Reconstruction of Ogiso Street, Off 3rd East Circular Road, Benin City
    146. Construction of Evbayoboru Street/Ikpegbivbiore Street/Ofunmwengbe Street/Orobator Street linking 1st, 2nd &3rd East Circular Road. Benin City
    147. Construction of Oghene Street/Iyobosa Street linking 2nd & 3rd East Circular Road. Benin City
    148. Construction of New Found Land Street/Oliha Lane/Ikpokpan Street/Ikpokpan Lane linking Sapele Road, 1st & East Circular Road. Benin 
    149. Construction of Powerline linking Etete Road and Sapele Road By TCN
    150. Construction of Ekehuan-Uholor-Airpor Road. Benin 
    151. Construction of Ogumwenyin-Aruogba-Egbiri Boundary Road
    152. Construction of Obakhavbaye Street linking Plymouth Road and Urubi (Iyaero), Benin City 
    153. Construction of Basimi Street, Off Akenzua Street, Benin City
    154. Construction of Arala Street / Arala Lane, Off Akenzua Street, Benin
    155. Construction of Okunbor Street, Off Akenzua Street, Benin City
    156. Construction of Burmar Star Street, 1st & 2nd Akenzua Lane, Benin City with Underground Drainage. Benin 
    157. Construction of Omomo Street/Isibor Street, Benin City
    158. Construction of Isihuan Street/Ebose Street/Ovbiebo Street/Obayantor Street/Iyase Street/Edaiken Road, Benin City
    159. Construction of Ugiayugbo Street Extension Between Akenzua Street and Isibor Street, Benin City
    160. Construction of Nosayaba Street / Uwa Street and Adjoining Streets, Off TV (1st West Circular) Road, Benin City
    161. Construction of ICE (Circular) Road, Benin City
    162. Construction of Usama Street / 1st Ihogbe Street / 2nd Ihogbe Street / Plan Well Street, Benin City
    163. Construction of Old Edo College Road / Ire Street / Ire Lane / Evbiemwen Lane, Benin City
    164. Construction of Oghenosa Street / Ukhegie Street / Bazuaye Street / Aragua Street / Eke Street with Undergound Drainage maintenance, Benin City
    165. Construction of 1st Ivbiore / 2nd Ivbiore / 3rd Ivbiore / 4th Ivbiore and Lane / Etinosa Street, Benin City
    166. Construction of Sapele-PZ (Isekhure Way)-Osaretin Street-Okabere Road with Erosion Control, Benin City
    167. Completion / Reconstruction of Erediauwa Road, Off Sapele Road, Benin City
    168. Construction of Ugbor-Amagba-Evbukhun-Sapele Road with link to Godwin Abbe Way, Benin City
    169. Reonstruction of Uteh-Temboga - Upper Mission Road, Benin City
    170. Construction of Road Network and Erosion Control at Ogbeson Community, Benin City
    171. Rehabilitation of Benin-Asaba Express Way, Benin City
    172. Construction of Yangan Market - Plymounth Moat Road, Benin City
    173. Reconstruction of Eheneden Street / Uzama, Benin City
    174. Reconstruction of Lagos Street/Lagos Lane/Butcher Street/Jegede Street/Idahosa Lane/2nd Ibiwe Street/Ibiwe Lane/Ifon Road, Benin City
    175. Construction of Anigboro/Iyoba Road/Osakpamwan Street/Ojo Street
    176. Rehabilitation of Eghosa Street, Off Erhunmwunse Street, Benin City
    177. Reconstruction of 2nd Cementary Road, Benin City
    178. Reconstruction of Ekehuan-Owina Street-Evbuotubu Road, Benin City
    179. Reconstruction of Textile Mill Road, Benin City
    180. Reconstruction of Erhunmwunse Road linking Okhokhougbo-Ikpia Communities, Benin City
    181. Rehabilitation of Agho Street/1st Agho Lane Street of Ekehuan Road, Benin City
    182. Rehabilitation of failed Sections on Medical Stores Road, Benin City
    183. Rehabilitation of Okhoro Road / Federal Avenue, Benin City.
    184. Reconstruction of Benin Technical School Road, Benin City.
    185. Construction of Ova-Utoka-Iteh Road, Benin City
    186. Reconstruction of Canaan Street, Benin City
    187. Rehabilitation of 1st Federal Road / 2nd Federal Road, Benin City
    188. Reconstruction of Mela Motel Road, Uselu, Benin City
    189. Rehabilitation of Kings' Square-Oba Market Road, Benin City.
    190. Construction of Evbuoabogun Road, Benin City
    191. Construction of Uroho-Evbuomoma Road Linking Benin Bypass and Sapele Road, Benin City
    192. Construction of Eriaria Road / 10th Street / Goody-Goody Road linking Sapele Road and Sokponba Road, Benin City
    193. Construction of Old Sapele Road by TCN Linking Erediauwa and PZ Road, Benin
    194. Construction of Useh-Okhokhougbo Road, Benin City
    195. Construction of Siluko-Aro'olor-Colest/Irhinmwangbon, Benin City
    196. Reconstruction of Pole Street Linking Etete Road, Benin City
    197. Reconstruction of Idusogie-Eweka/Nemwingue Street, Off Etete Road
Benin City
    198. Construction of 2nd West-Akugbe-Omokaro Street, Benin City
    199. Reconstruction of Agbonma Street, Off Ekehuan Road, Benin City
    200. Rehabilitation of Esigie Street, Off 1st East Circular Road, Benin City
    201. Reconstruction of Ogida Street, Benin City
    202. Reconstruction of Artilary Road and Adjoining Streets, Off Siluko Road, Oliha Quarters, Benin City
    203. Rehabilitation of Upper Adesuwa Road, G.R.A., Benin City
    204. Construction of Iyesogie Street / Iyesogie Lane/Iyeye Street/Amamieson Street/Good Samaritan Street, Uselu, Benin City
    205. Rehabilitation of Eweka Street, Off Upper Lawani Road, Benin city
    206. Construction of Nitel Road / Adjoining Streets Linking Godwin Abbe Road, Benin City
    207. Construction of Sapele-Okabere-Sokponba Road, Benin City
    208. Construction of Ekehuan-Asoro Hill-Evbuotubu-Ogida Barracks-Uwelu-Adolor-19th Street-Ogbowo Storm-Water Link Road, Benin City
    209. Construction of Aviation Way/Ehize Street, Off Joromi Road, Benin City
    210. Rehabilitation of Ogbeide Ihama/2nd Freedom Street, Benin City
    211. Rehabilitaion of Eromosele Street/Airiageh Street, Off Goodwill Road, Off Ekehuan Road, Benin City
    212. Rehabilitation of Ozolua Avenue, Off Ekehuan Road, Benin City
    213. Construction of Ekesco Street/Faith Avenue/Imade Jesurobo Street/Okpe Road/Olonoise Close, Off Upper Ekehuan Road, Benin City
    214. Reconstruction of Concord Road/Jemide Street/Igbebugbe Street/Ovie Whiskey Street, Benin City. 
    215. Completion of the construction of Uwa Street, Sapele Road, Benin City.
    216. Rehabilitation of Izoduwa Street, Off Rueben Agho Avenue, G.R.A. Benin City
    217. Construction of Canaan Street-Atoe Street-Adolor College Road, Benin
    218. Construction of Asemota Street, Off Airport Road., Benin City 
    219. Construction of RSM Ojo-Poultry-Evbuotubu Road, Benin City
    220. Construction of Micheal Okoruwa Ave/Ediae Street/ Benin City
    221. Construction of Omofomwan Street/Obaruyi Street, Off Okhoro Road
Benin City
    222. Construction of Old Isiehor Road, Benin City
    223. Construction of Isiehor-Egbaen Road, linking Ugbowo-Lagos Road and Siluko Road, Benin City
    224. Construction of Osasere-Uwa-Adolor Omoigui Road, Off Okhoro Road
Benin City
    225. Construction of Obazuwa Street, linking 1st & 2nd East Circular, Benin City
    226. Reconstruction of Ewah Road, Benin City
    227. Rehabilitation of Costain / Akugbe Street / Victory Street / Aburimen Street, New Benin, Benin City
    228. Rehabilitation of Egharevba Street / Obazee Street / Ogbebor Street, Off Upper Mission Road, Benin City
    229. Omosogie Street / Ikpema Street / Between Uselu-Lagos Road and New-Lagos Road, Benin City
    230. Construction of Catholic Charismatic Road, Benin City
    231. Reconstruction of Holy Spirit Catholic Road / Otoghile Street, Off Okhoro Road, Benin City
    232. Idemudia Street, Off Ekehuan Road, Benin City
    233. Osamwonyi Street, Off Ekehuan Road, Benin City.

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