President Julius Tabe of Southern Cameroons Abducted In Nigeria

January 8, 2018



President of the interim Government of the Southern Cameroons Julius Tabe has been abducted in Nigeria. His abduction took place on Saturday evening in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital.  This is already causing panic in the English Speaking Central African nation, which has been seeking to secede from the mainly French-speaking region.


 President Tabe and eight other officials of The  Interim Government of the  Federal Republic of Ambazonia(another name for Southern Cameroons),  were meeting at Nera Hotels on Alex Ekwueme Road, Abuja on January 5th when the gunmen struck.

President Tabe and his team were in a High Command meeting in  Abuja, at the time the gunmen showed up at the  Hotel.  A meeting which started at around 5 pm, Nigerian time was disrupted around 7:30 PM when the gunmen came into the Hotel and abducted all of them including the  President.

Those abducted with President Tabe are Dr  Nfor  Ngala  Nfor,  Chairman of  the  Southern  Cameroons  National  Council (SCNC), Dr Fidelis Nde Che, Dr Henry Kimeng, Prof.  Awasum, Dr Cornelius  Kwanga, Mr Tassang  Wilfred,

Barrister Eyambe  Elias, Dr Ojong Okongho and Barrister Nalowa  Bih.

A  confidant of the President and leader of Southern Cameroons who confirmed to us President Tabe was ”abducted by unknown gunmen. Not sure yet if they’re Nigerian authorities or Cameroon…”

Shortly after our chat, we received a release from the Federal Republic of Ambazonia condemning the abduction. They believe that the abduction was carried out by ”La Republique du Cameroun’s  Security Gunmen who sneaked into Nigeria…Anglophones in Cameroon continue to be victims of extrajudicial killings orchestrated by President  Paul Biya and his henchmen.  President  Paul  Biya  and  his  henchmen  must  know  that  Anglophones  in  Cameroon  will  continue  to  assert their  right  to  self-determination  and  will  hold  Paul  Biya  to  account for all  the  killings  of  Anglophones.”

The release which was signed by Chris Anu calls on the Nigerian government to address this issue immediately and ensure that the Cameroun government gunmen do not do any harm to their president and his men. The Southern Cameroons which comprises mainly English speakers of the Federal Republic of Cameroon have been at loggerheads with the octogenarian, Paul Biya’s government. Led by its elected President, Julius Ayuk Tabe, a seasoned Information Technology expert who worked with Cisco and as Chief Information Officer with the American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa States,  the people of “Ambazonia” may have their dreams of sovereignty short-lived.

Tabe, who’s been sparking divergent opinions about his decision to lead a fight for the freedom of Southern Cameroons was meeting in Abuja to discuss the Southern  Cameroons Refugee crisis in Nigeria and to galvanize relief support for housing,  medical and feeding in anticipation of the approaching rainy season.


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