PVC 2: Nigerians, The Lazy and Sell-to the -Highest Bidder PVC Owners.

May 10, 2018


The attitude of most Nigerians who own PVCs is simple. 1. They are proud to pull it out of their wallets and flash it at you to end any political argument. 2. They feel they are better positioned than those who are yet to have PVCs, and 3. As far they are concerned the only use for their PVC is to wait for 4 years and then sell their vote to the highest bidder.

  How Lazy. How uninformed. How Powerless have the people become with this


approach., How much suffering awaits Nigeria with PVCs in the hands of so many misguided people. Add this to the abuse of PVC shown in part one and you will see PVC usage is the key thing Nigerians must change in order to change Nigeria.


Lazy PVC Owners:  Nigerians are guilty of being lazy PVC owners because they do not work their PVCs. They expect somebody else to do it for them. Therefore, a Nigerian politician can sell them lies about creating 2million jobs in 6 months and they believe.  If you work your PVC you will know that is not possible and will not vote for such a candidate.

The norm in Nigeria is, after elections, after 3 months in office, all quarters will start screaming they have been ignored by the winner. Incidentally the winner is also the candidate who bought their votes!  the one they sold their PVCs to for the next 4 years. You wonder why they are screaming, make no mistake the screaming is not for the raw deal killing Nigeria, but rather they are screaming because they did not sell their PVC high enough. You see political candidates in Nigeria are expected to buy votes (PVCs) twice. Likewise the Nigerian masses expect to get paid twice for their PVCs. The first payment is normally cash so they can vote for you, and second payment is to get corrupt inflated government contracts once you get into office. Without a Politician doing both payments, let’s just say your political career is over, Nigeria and Nigerians at all levels will bury you.  Remember, once a politician has paid twice for the PVC, Nigeria is finished, because he will have to take his own investment and use it to fund the next man who wants to win etc etc… This is the problem.

Working Your PVC:  Working your PVC is one of the best ways to solve Nigeria’s home made dilemma. Working your PVC involves you knowing what you want in Nigeria. Even today you hear the masses screaming but almost all of them cannot tell you what they want, rather they can tell you what somebody has not given them. They should focus on what is possible in Nigeria with all its faults? Make a list. What do we need to fix ? How long will it take to fix? What can we do now with what we have? Make a list and connect your PVC to that list. That is the 1st step of working your PVC.  

 Nigeria is a Country of waste, a Country where politicians come into power and do what they want because the people do not know what they want.  Erect Statues, abandon hospitals projects, private roads, abandoned factories, New buses, traffic lights, fountains, water parks and okpeke race etc, you name it. Sadly, the people say they have done well even when all the above projects did not put food on their tables and wasted billions over years. Billions that your PVC could help you channel to what you wanted.


Finally, the biggest advantage of working your PVC is that you can work with any government and any party. In fact they too can work with you.


See you in PVC 3

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