The Serpent vs The Snake: Oyegun Vs Oshiomhole.  Edo on-going Political Beefs Number 4.

May 29, 2018

They danced together, swept together, celebrated together, fired people together, went to court together, traveled to Abuja together, commissioned projects together,and gave nothing to Edo Youths together. For 8 years.


16 months on and they hate each other, they can’t stand each other, they are at war with each other, the only thing they have left in common is running to Abuja separately for knives to stab each other in the back with.  So what happened between Ex Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and APC Chairman Odigie Oyegun.

Trouble started brewing when Oshiomhole left power as Governor of Edo State in 2016. Oshiomhole believed he was now powerful enough to earn a high federal ministerial position to say the least. That dream failed when President Buhari realised the carcass called “Central hospital, Benin City” that Oyegun and Oshiomole tricked him to come to Benin and commission. This left one position for Oshiomhole to get in order to influence things at a federal level, that is Oyegun’s position as chairman of the All Progressive Party, APC. What started out as gossip to Oyegun’s ears has become real, with Oshiomhole now the only candidate challenging for Oyegun’s position. Oshiomhole can be seen out and about criticizing and lobbying everywhere possible with the message that Oyegun is not the right man for the party and Oyegun is doing the same to prevent Oshiomhole from taking his job, sending him into political Oblivion. Today these two men are exactly as described above, enemies.

 To us, the masses, this beef represents all the bad things in Nigeria today. In Edo State we remember Oshiomole as the Man who claims he stopped godfatherism in Edo State by making himself the only one. Not to mention that under Oshiomole, a record number of Edo youths and girls met their deaths trying to cross the Sahara due to poverty , a record number of hotels were built in Benin to facilitate prostitution as an industry and Edo state became heavily indebted due to record borrowings by Oshiomole. Since Oshiomhole left office, he has not denied the Hollywood in Iyahmo, The University or the Cape Varde Airline accusations. I wish we could say better for Oyegun but such is the nature of the man that he is irrelevant to his people. He never cared when he was governor and has not cared about Edo People since.   

This beef taste “cabalicious”. We, the Edos, will see your demise for what you have done to us. This is only the beginning. 2 suspects.


See gallery of their good times together below.


The Editor



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