The Cold Wives and Children of Nigeria's So-Called Elite.

June 20, 2018

It is written, unwritten, spoken and unspoken, that every father’s prayers centre around his child being better than him in all ramifications. Except for the prayers, sadly the rest is not applicable to Nigeria because of a glaringly obvious difference in the Gucci and expensive lifestyles of the wives and children of Nigerian Political cabals in Diaspora compared to the plight of Nigerians internationally. “The families of the Nigerian Cabals are cold”, it is that simple because no amount of tragedy befalling Nigerians internationally has motivated charity, a donation, a visit or something good from the wives and children of these Nigerian Cabals, even under an alias.


 Is it the last week’s loaded ship of over 900 African migrants from Libya refused entry by the Italian and Spanish governments? The Libya crisis? The Chibok girls? Boko Haram victims? Herdsmen victims? 26 Girls who died of starvation in the ship to Italy? The thousands of Nigerians in Malaysian prisons? 1500 in Italian prisons? The German and Italian asylum camps overcrowded with Nigerians? Lack of Nigerian Community centres across the diaspora? The list goes on. These are tragedies that have befallen Nigerians due to the action of Nigerian political elite and their wives and children are 100% aware of it.

The reality that these children are already worse than their parents is far closer to the truth than anything else. In London last month, two Nigerians were sent to prison for beating up another Nigerian over an argument on whose father is the wealthiest. Another Nigerian fixes the wrist watch of a 10-year-old for £7000 in Harrods, another Nigerian gives houses in London for birthday and wedding presents, the list goes on. No guesses for telling you that all the above cases involve children of Nigerian leaders. So, what do the Cabal’s Children do abroad besides lavishing money? Well you make up your mind from the following: The Nigerian cabal’s children abroad are either studying in private schools for degrees they will never use, profiling as successful music promoters, driving fast cars, living in big houses, travelling first class, throwing continental parties and showing off on Instagram. This is all they do. None of them have charities or are charitable, none of them can give or have given or lended support or visited any sites of Nigerian plights internationally as listed above. “They are cold to the plight of their people brought about by the actions of their fathers”.  The wives/mothers are worse because they are the ones who pioneer this behaviour.   

President Buhari touched on a very important note last month during his exchange with Obasanjo over the $16b Obasanjo looted in the name of providing Nigeria electricity. President Buhari said that all of Nigeria’s monies are being carted away by politicians, including himself mind you, to pay private school fees and buy houses overseas for their families, notably in London, USA and Dubai. I credit him for saying it and trying to stop it. The time is right to put an end to this madness because currently in the Western world its very dire for Nigerians. With the far right movement on top in Italy and most parts of Europe, Brexit due to immigration and Donald Trump’s hardness on immigrants, Nigerians have to fix Nigeria and prevent it from imploding. This is where we need all hands-on deck including those of the families of Nigerian Cabals in diaspora.

To Nigerian leader’s families in diaspora, it is time to do your duty and help fix the Nigeria that your father destroyed for your personal benefit or it might get too late for even you.



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