Let There be No Electricity in Omoruyi Street: Bully Boy Obaseki Strikes Again.

June 26, 2018


Let there be light and there was light, except God did not tell us he an APC executive.

The joke of last week must be Governor Godwin Obaseki threatening Senator Ughoghide to bring down the Solar panels providing electricity to residents of Omoruyi Street, Benin-city, because it is not an APC project.


Poor Senator Ughoghide must wonder where he has gone wrong. In April 2018 he was attacked violently for asking for Buhari’s impeachment at the Senate. All be it in the presence of Gov. Obaseki.  Last week he was told to dismantle solar street lights that he had provided for his community because they had his face and PDP on them. This time we are told by Mr Crusoe Osagie,  head of media for Governor Obaseki, that this is a government order.   

This has irked Edos in Omoruyi Street, in Edo State, and in the international Edo community.

Many believe Mr. Crusoe Osagie is trying to blackmail Gov. Obaseki ( uh we didn’t know he was so powerful), others suggest Mr. Osagie is up to his consistently inept utterances with a  total disregard for the scope of his audience. Either way, it does not sound like Gov. Obaseki will give such an order where common sense is not prevailing.

The rationale for taking down the street lights and leaving Omoruyi Street residence in total darkness is not sound, and so is the shadow of the senator reflecting on each pole of lighting. The best thing to do is to ask the Senator to remove his posters and not the electricity, anything else and the Governor is at risk of losing support. 

With the diaspora and everyone helping Edo state, utterances such as the one from Mr Crusoe, is dealing a big blow to the fairness with which this APC government is dealing with political opposition so instead of a headline like “bully boy Obaseki Strikes again”, let us have “Common Sense prevails again”.


The Editor

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