The Handshakes and Suits that Inspire Nobody.

June 26, 2018


Referring to political pictures as images of inspiration around the World will take you to Barack Obama, Tony Blair and most recently the French President, Emmanuel Macron. When Nigerian leaders gather, at local, state or federal level, it stinks. They seem not too bothered about the stench and the poor NUJ seems not to understand why the Nation is so dire after their daily service of another 1000 pictures of inspiration. Images of Nigerian Governors shaking hands with themselves,  stinks of corruption, dictatorships,


oppression and the blood of millions of innocent Nigerians.  Leaders that will make their people poor, hungry and homeless. Leaders that will push their young people to cross the Mediterranean on plastic boats, to be murdered in south Africa and into asylum camps around Europe. Such leaders don’t deserve clothes, suits or the front page of a comic. Ask us if we are inspired by such leaders? Let us save you the money of your next suit, you don’t deserve it. Get short knicker and get to work. 




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