PDP: The Political Dumping Playground and Last Transit into Political Wilderness.

August 1, 2018

In Nigerian political terms, PDP’s executive population over the last month has overtaken the entire of China’s population so much so that APC Nigeria have been advised by PDP to just give up now and go home because PDP is back!



On close inspection, PDP core executives must be embarrassed of their new-found fame and how it arrived overnight (like Nigerian’s wealth). The National Chairman of PDP, Mr. Uche Secondus appears confused at his party’s rise because he acknowledged PDP has not announced any new favourable policies to warrant such an overnight rise in executive numbers.

The rise in new executive numbers has not been matched with increasing PDP’s popularity, if anything it has only succeeded in increasing the negative publicity around PDP.


 The new rise witnessed in PDP numbers of executives is accounted for by either ex-politicians or currently serving politicians who have decamped from APC to PDP and are promising to bring the Nigerian populace with them.  The general statement from all those who decamped is “Buhari is not letting us have our way anymore” so we have come to PDP to regroup and fight in 2019 to get our way back and run Nigeria like we have always done. Don’t worry we will buy all the Nigerian youths and bring them over with us to PDP.  


Mr Secondus, if you or your party have any ounce of dignity left, you should send these Decampees out of your party for they have only come to undermine and ridicule what is left of PDP. The last we heard is PDP was planning to rebrand, change its name and  boycott the 2019 elections which is a good thing considering your track record, however accepting these decampees will finally bury PDP as a political force in Nigeria.


The reality is these Decampees have only stopped in PDP on their way to political wilderness. They are being chased by the EFCC, FBI, M15 and all kinds of interpol for financial irregularities. They are only trying to buy time and support before running into hiding because the chain of corruption in Nigeria is broken and these Decampees have been found wanting.


President Buhari and not APC is in front of those forces who are helping to change Nigeria for the better, others include Omoyele Sowore and chief Moghalu.  As for APC, It is safe to say that even if Buhari leaves the APC party and forms a new party in his backyard, the majority of Nigerians will support the new party over PDP. It’s easy, I mean Look at us, Nigerians- We have been starved, humiliated, murdered, driven from our homes, displaced from our homeland, our commonwealth stolen from us, our morals stolen from us, our education stolen from us, our future stolen from us, our pride stolen, our Children and grand children’s future stolen from them, our identity stolen and the list goes on. Nigerians are now best identified worldwide as fraudsters, occupying jails and asylum centres in foreign countries that are poorer than Nigeria. That is what the Decampees gave us, that is how they like it and that is how they want to keep it.

 Seeking refuge in PDP and planning a comeback is beyond every comprehensive theory conceiveable. There is no plan of a comeback, for example, the front runner for the Presidential ticket under PDP, Atiku Abubakar, is rumoured to be wanted in the U.S.A for financial crimes and he has not travelled out of Nigeria since the US warrant was issued. Atiku has not made a statement and he has not denied it. These are not preparations for a comeback! A more plausible argument is, these Decampees will run back to APC if Buhari called them. He won’t. But make no mistake, if he did,they would abandon PDP. Decamping to PDP is an experiment to save their skin. They do not want to be arrested in the house of senate or in public office. PDP offers the luxury of nobody knowing their whereabouts which is not guaranteed in APC. The decampees do not have any Nigerian supporters anymore, no youths, nothing. They are not ready to change and they know the other parties will not accept them.

 One thing that is clear today is Nigerians have many options to consider in 2019 and PDP is not one of them. The Decapees are proving PDP is really a Political Dumping Playground and the last transit to Political wilderness. As a Nigerian I hope you have space because more passengers are coming.


The Editor


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