PDP PICKS UP EDO CONNECT’S MESSAGE AT FEDERAL…If Only they also read the solutions

August 6, 2018

Following Edo Connect’s last week’s article that PDP now stands for a “Political Dumping Playground” for APC Decampees, the former PDP Chairman Senator Ahmed Makarfi has broken ranks and warned the leadership of the PDP party they are under threat from Decampees.



A former Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Makarfi, has warned the leadership of the party over a possible hijack of the Party structucture by decampees

Makarfi while speaking on Friday in Lokoja at a meeting with leaders and stakeholders of the PDP in Kogi State warned against a repeat of the mistake made when the PDP was handed over to Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

“Modu Sheriff was brought from another party; they said he had three jets; he had billions, but what did he do? He was taking the party down, but I, the ‘bush boy,’ with the support of others, I was able to make members close ranks, and today, we can all see. “We fought the battle together; the praise and credit I’m receiving, is to God and to all of us. To me, Kogi is home; when Alhaji Ibrahim Idris (Ibro) was governor, we use to come and spend weekends with him, Kogi remains a home to me. “We have many problems confronting us in Nigeria; insecurity, lack of national consensus, hunger, poverty; our economy has gone down, but there are few people benefiting. Nigerians are in lack; they are not able to provide for their families, access good healthcare, and all sorts of deprivation. People are being witch-hunted. “Some people talk of restructuring, but when they talk of restructuring, they talk of sharing money and resources. I tell you; we need institutional restructuring. “Only Nigerians that can restructure Nigeria. People are asking for restructuring due to lack of belonging, lop-sidedness in appointments, the feeling of being cheated, and so on. Who can restructure Nigeria, but Nigerians, with a leader that can be trusted. I offer that and much more. “What I tell you is that now, if you’re in power, you’re right; if you’re in opposition, you’re wrong. We must get to a level in Nigeria, where if you’re a president, a governor, you can be charged for wrongdoing; not you being in power and witch-hunting every other person. That is turning Nigeria into a ‘Banana Republic’. We must therefore restructure our institutions. “Gentlemen, a tree does not make a forest…they will come with bags of money. Collect, but do the right thing. There is no receipt”.


He urged the party to be careful about the manner of accommodating and integrating those that recently defected to the party in order to avoid an implosion.

Makarfi said: “Everybody is welcome but we must be careful so we don’t give the impression that it doesn’t pay to be loyal. We must not create a situation whereby you have a home and you have a visitor and when the visitor comes, you give him a guest room to stay, then the next day, he wants the master’s bedroom and then the next day, you leave the home for him…does that happen?”

“PDP must never allow that kind of thing to happen. Let them come in and enjoy the privileges but you must know what to give and what not to give,” Makarfi said.

According to him, the PDP must get it right in choosing its presidential flag bearer and other candidates for the 2019 elections, adding, “It will be a great disaster not only for the PDP but entire Nigeria if we make that mistake.”


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