How Edo Children in Diaspora Are Hung out to Dry: meanwhile the parents are on social media passing the buck, and praying.

September 20, 2018


Wassup groups and Facebook will not change the Edo Communities in the diaspora, we have tried that and honestly, it’s blame game, buck-passing and prayers galore, a trait Nigerians are the masters of. 


Edos in the diaspora must accept that unless we start spending money on improving our immediate Edo diaspora communities then we, our culture, children, and generations are on the high road to total extinction. Not the Yorubas, Igbos, Hausas but the Edos. Our Edo children are caged right before our eyes because we have refused to evolve our position as a community.


In the Edo diaspora, most of the Edo children are now adults, when I speak to anyone of them about their community I get a similar response, where are the Edos? Why don't we know ourselves? We do not understand the language? We would love to have relationships and marriage amongst ourselves? I only found out I was alone when I went with my Yoruba friend to this place, how come our community is not developed like the others? what are we supposed to do uncle? The real questions that expose our shortcomings are now in our households.  


The effects of the lack of an Edo community structure is here and it is dangerous. Our old unproductive attitudes now stink beyond our control. The signs are dangerous and something has to be done, especially as the children are still sane and well mannered. If they start bashing the parents with the beast they created then we will really have an uncontrollable situation. However, we have one fantastic opportunity to agree to a change of Edo ways. It is overdue and it’s time for a real Edo reality check.


Years of consistent decline and a lack of growth in the Edo diaspora communities has come down to one main factor, “Edo men are in Coma”. The chaos in Nigeria has gripped Edo men causing failures across the family and the community. Others factors such as immigration and Job specification exist but their impact is not as great.  Edo men in diaspora are still “in shock” that they are not living in Edo state by now. All the dreams they had for themselves have crumbled along with the dreams of a better Nigeria. That shock has taken them into a state of coma and it's only a matter of time before we agree to turn off the life-support machine. Edo men's attitude today indicates they are ready to take anybody down with them, knowingly or unknowingly, wife, children, culture, and generations unborn. This is the main problem.


 How do we wake up to the reality of today?


As an Edo man, I have a deep belief in the strength of Edos. I belong to several Edo forums across most social media platforms and to a very high degree I can confirm our present usage of these platforms is further denting whatever is left of our confidence to wake up from our plight. 

Edos see Facebook and Wassup as an extension of our real life coma traits. We use them to spread jokes,remotely connected messages, bully and oppress one another. On wassup groups, we recruit people we already know their profile in real life and use the groups to either give them more respect or damage them, based on which side of the fence you’re on. New members must accord the rich with the same high respect as the administrator whilst existing members are already keyed into that chain of thought.  They will influence any decision in the forums, right or wrong and they account for why the forums do not have positive outcomes. People just leave.


 However, the forums are still the way forward and Edos must learn to be efficient with them.

We should start using our connectivity power to discuss and arrive at positives for our community. Patronizing another Edo person, an Edo business and so on. Encouraging people who want to do good for the community. Discussing how to give our children the advantage of having a community, how we must agree to unshackle ourselves from the innate self- selfishnessness for our community to grow. Our children cannot mirror our negativity and we are losing them because of that. When we are gone, our houses and businesses in Benin might be sold off if we are lucky or abandoned along with your legacy. For it to count you better wake up. 

"The Current fact is 90% of Edo children in diaspora are in out-of- Edo Relationships and Marriages". let's start with that. Where do we start. It is surely not the fault of the very innocent Edo children.


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