Ras, Keshi and Wives Dead: Time to Accept the Dangers of Nigerian Lifestyle.

September 24, 2018

For 3 years I have been waiting for AN INQUEST into the deaths of Coach Stephen Keshi and his wife Kate Keshi.  They died in 2015, 6 months apart from each other. Mrs Kate Keshi died in the USA on the 10th of December 2015 after a 3 year battle with cancer and Coach Stephen Keshi died 6 months later in Nigeria on the 7th of June 2016 from a reportedly heart attack. Friends said he was healthy and the Nigerian media said it was just a case that Stephen could not live without his wife. Case closed.



This year Ras Kimono the Raggae legend died in Nigeria in June 2018 and his wife Efemena died this month, 3 months after the death of Ras, also in Nigeria. They both collapsed and died without displaying prior symptoms of any illnesses. Once again, the Nigerian media is filling us with the same waffle, Mrs Kimono could not live without her husband.


Perhaps I am just concerned because they are both Edo Icons from the old Bendel State, or maybe I am putting married couples who are truly in love on notice, because, by the Nigerian media couples who are in love cannot live 6 months without each other in cases of death. Loving couples get ready, tell the children, no need to cry because that is true love. This is the low level of the Nigerian media intellectually across all spectrums of the Nigerian society.


The cases of Icons Keshi and Kimono are tragic cases of the Nigeria we are living in today, a Nigeria with no regulation or standard on drinks (from water to wine, beer, malt etc), no regulation on food (fishery, farming, poultry etc), no regulation on health (medicines are fake), and a planned no regulation on farming. A general recklessness on everything that dictates the Nigerian lifespan. Everything is money! Our Icons die and even if they want us to learn something from their passing, the Nigerian press will change the narrative to provide a soft landing for the dangerous lifestyles in Nigeria. No one is safe.

Ras Kimono’s wife’s death has triggered a warning, Nigeria needs healthcare. Nigeria needs control. Our heartfelt thoughts are with the family and friends on these icons. What lessons we take from the above to our government is very important. If a public autopsy is not done for the above couples then many Nigerians are in trouble.  

Who’s next?

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