Nigerian Sex Slaves Make Up About 80℅ of forced Sex in France

October 9, 2018

It was aired on CNN earlier today. Nigerian sex slaves make up about 80℅ of forced sex in France. They had on, skimpy, sex oozing skirt, some wriggling their waists suggestively at would-be customers, ready for quickies in nearby bushes, for €20-30 per deal. The clips also had sufficient display of customers picking, paying and patting the ladies' butts to the bushes and parting out, did done.

How they ended up in the trade?


That's much a public information whose details are like market place commodities. In any case, one ex sex slave gave enough details. "Madames take them through oaths, part of which they are made to lie in coffin while it's being administered. The punchline is, "if you default in payment or abscond, you will return in coffin." 
Though free, she finds it difficult forgiving herself having been transported to Europe as a bag of fruits just for men to buy you and eat."

Sad you heaved?


Back in Nigeria, there are hordes feeding fact from the trade unmolested, untouched.

They have no other known business that is capable of expressing the lifestyle they display. Yet, some of them, including direct beneficiaries, now moral voices of their environs, form the core of those haranguing governments, (local, state and federal) for perceived failures. It doesn't matter that they themselves, are bereft of moral qualms.
They never see anything wrong in their evil past time.

And we applaud them, almost shamelessly too. We pray for more of God's blessing for them even as we are aware they waste his freely given gold.

We ask for equity when we, ourselves, are the embodiment of moral depravity.

We live two different live, one hideous and brutish inside, the other saintly...for the public.

But we can't eat our cake and have it.There Is no two ways about it -Until we live our insides in the outside, we will remain unworthy of what is right. That's the change we need...must seek.

My opinion.


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