After Organized Prostitution, Cultism, Binis now Export Ritual Killings To Italy

December 4, 2018


Remember that Bini man that was arrested not so recently in Italy for murder after he was caught with the decapitated remains of an 18yr old Italian woman?


Well, it so happens that Italian investigators have linked the victim's murder to ritual killings.

They arrived at this conclusion after examining her remains in a comprehensive forensic autopsy to determine how she died since the Edo guy arrested with her remains claimed that the victim had overdosed on heroin in his govt paid 4-star hotel which he has been stayiing free of charge pending his asylum application.

Other than being housed and fed by the Italian govt, this same Edo man alongside his fellow Edo "refugees" got a daily allowance of 20 euros.

The Italian police carried out the autopsy to determine if truly the said victim died from an herion overdose as claimed by the Bini man only for them to arrive at the conclusion that the victim was raped and strangled to death by the same Bini man.

But that is just half of the story, as the pathologists found out that the victim was missing vital organs such as her heart and vagina.

This is not the first case of Nigerian voodoo ritual killings recorded overseas as the case of the Thames Ritual Murder of a 7 yr old boy who the UK Police linked to Oshun ritual killings.

The police investigators are now fully convinced that the victim was killed in a ritual-style murder similar to what is prevalent in parts of West Africa and Nigeria in particular.…/pamela-mastropietro-confe…

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