Nov 1st 2019: Edo Men Must Stand Up and Be Counted.

November 1, 2019



Today-November 1-another new month, signalling a new beginning, accompanied with all the usual gifs and greetings across all social media platforms, Uwa hi agha maan vbe eni Jesu Ise.


Edos in Diaspora and home (women, girls, boys,) are using the beginning of the 11th month of 2019 to ask Edo men, especially those in diaspora USA and UK to “consider their positions” as leaders of the Edo Communities Worldwide. It is time for Edo men in the UK and US diaspora to stand up and be counted.


It is an open secret now that Edo men, those in professions, unions or associations, and individuals are failing their society. Let’s add the Edo men in Lagos speaking Yoruba and thinking its somebody else’s job to repair Edo State across all sectors.  


This is the 11th month of 2019, 1 month left then into 2020, and Edos have witnessed yet again in 2019, countless meetings and no progress from Edo associations and unions and Alumni old boys. They are saying it is time to wake up our Edo men. There is nothing to show at home or in diaspora that Edo men have achieved that will impact the lives of Edos worldwide. Edos are tired that Edo men do not change course and change thinking.


Let’s look at the facts, there is no break-out Edo woman in 2019, no break-out Edo man in 2019, no break out Edo youth in 2019, no break out Edo child in 2019, another year of inabilities to modernise our rich cultural advantage, the list goes on. I mean we are talking about nothing the Edo community can leverage on, nothing new, just like always. Edo men want all Edos to go to other Nigerian tribes and beg for handouts. Whether its entertainment or anything of note that will improve a community together, Edo men will send their women, children, youths and everybody out to beg. They are comfortable with their failures, but their communities are not.


Let’s look at their arguments as we have over the many many years, and as usual, its littered with individual endeavours. The doctors will say they went to plant trees and do check-ups. The unions will say they sent something to an orphanage and now they want land to build orphanage centre. The Alumnis will say we fenced here and provided some chairs and a borehole. For many years, we cannot gauge that are doing what they say or its effects on the Edo people. All we hear is the same, singular efforts for self-shine from the men that are supposed to be the heads of this home, the Edo community.


The problem has been the same for many years, a lack of ideas, stubbornness to accept new ideas and selfishness to part with resources that will not be attributed to their names only. Edo men in diaspora are now known to be very comfortable going to Yoruba and Igbo restaurants and clubs, comfortable speaking their language and partaking in their social development without thinking how good it will be to develop their own. They do not see the need for anything good that will not be of personal benefit to them. They are comfortable with killing every Edo talent including that of their child unless that child can find favour in another Nigerian tribe. The same treatment for Edo women, forced to be in the background of every type of female empowerment programme worldwide because the Edo men have bluntly refused to be a part of progress.   


Year in, year out, it is becoming plainer to see that all Edo men want to do is build more houses in Benin and fornicate with young disadvantaged Edo girls, afterwards go on social media to abuse the Edo government for everything else.  Edo men’s explanation that they have not been abroad long enough, is becoming laughable and ludicrous.


The effects so far, at home: there is still a high crime rate in Edo state, Edo youths are still running away from Edo State, there is no employment in Edo State, there is no boost to the entertainment scene, there is no social environment. In the diaspora, 90% of Edo children (boys and girls) ripe for marriage are marrying foreigners, there is no social scene and yet all the Edos are screaming for a change of mindset. How?


So here is the kind of things we want Edo men to do from November 1st, 2019 into 2020 and beyond. It’s about what the community wants, some will call it a guide for their meetings.

  1. Do your part. The Government cannot do it all.

  2. Activate Edo entertainment for Edo youths and bring social development to Edo state

  3. Arrange for Edo youths (girls and boys) in diaspora to meet each other regularly

  4. Encourage Edo women to step forward and join women leading Nigeria

  5. Invite young musicians from Edo State to come to the diaspora and perform

  6. Modernise our cultural advantage so the youths can participate

  7. Give us a better outlook and opportunities as a community

  8. Issue an award to stimulate anyone who dares to do well for the Edo community



So, there you have it. Happy New Month, it’s time to do the right things.

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