We Hope Commissioner Ero is Getting All the Support he Needs

January 3, 2020

Abroad, Overseas, Europe, UK, USA, Malaysia, you name it, these destinations have created so many new legal complications. Recently, Nigerians and Africans have been deported from Italy and Holland for not having very small things, like adequate bus or train passes. So much has changed, Immigrant Cases are being judged by recently introduced decrees, like those from Salvini, rather than the Court system with Lawyers.  You can be breaking laws today for the same thing you did legally yesterday.



The reasons why black Africans and not just Nigerians are currently having a “very difficult time” in the West is that, Countries are complaining they want their way of life back as it was before immigration. Regardless of the benefits, many now see massive immigration into the West as being out of control and they want that stopped. Whether its the USA (Trump’s Wall), UK (Brexit) or Europe (Salvini Italy, Holland etc) their citizens are only voting for politicians who have promised to take action on Immigration rather than compromise.  This is why many Laws have been changed by decrees, subverting the courts and Lawyer defence system. It is now black and white, us blacks have broken the law and here is the punishment.  


Commissioner Osaze Ero has been reportedly detained in France. No one is sure on the facts or on what basis he is being charged.


Commissioner Osaze Ero has served Edos Worldwide in the capacity we have not seen before. He has almost made it look as if this is the first time Edo state is having a Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Diaspora Affairs. He has been crossing Continents, uniting Edos, reawakening our Culture and even placing Cultural ambassadors in Countries of Edo Density to enable Edos keep our Cultural renaissance alive. Put it simply, the man has been very good.


Commissioner Osaze Ero’s current situation may have resulted from the new hardline attitudes and changing laws in Europe. I am not saying The Commissioner committed or did not commit any offence but pointing out that clearing yourself in the current European environment has become 1,000 times harder. You must do it, you must make the time to do it or it will come again. The Commissioner is a frequent traveller, as stated above, and must be afforded the time to clear this hurdle once and for all.  

But this is not about Osaze’s achievements or political preference. This is one of the times where Edos of all political persuasions must unite to ensure commissioner Ero is getting the support he needs.

There has been no official statement yet. There needs to be an official support (home and abroad) the Western justice system are not how they use to be.


No one has validated any stories currently being peddled, but everyone can hope Mr Ero and his Family are receiving the adequate support from the Governor and Federal Government. We are anticipating a statement from the Governor, which the delicate nature of the matter might be preventing. We are praying for Mr Osaze Ero and Family  until the conditions return to normal and we are hopeful that soon we can all put this difficult incident behind us.


The Editor

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