The Battered Oshiomhole, The Good Oshiomhole. Let Edo State Rise and Shine.

March 5, 2020



Edo State has been plunged into further Political uncertainty with the suspension, yesterday, of APC National Chairman Adams Oshiomole by an Abuja Federal court. His suspension comes amid the on-going struggle in Edo APC which has seen the party split into 2 factions. The suspension of the Adams Oshiomhole may further the split or create an opportunity for peace, many believe in the latter.


Governor Obaseki and other APC heavyweights in Edo State have come out to say the Court’s decision vindicates their earlier decision to suspend Oshiomhole as an APC member in Edo State. Oshiomhole is appealing and could be back in office in 14 days, there is an "if" there but also a huge possibility he could be back in office and this brings us to the question of what Oshiomhole and Obaseki must do now?


For those who have observed this disagreement over the last 10 months, shameful as it has gotten sometimes, still prescribe that the best way forward is peace between these two Edo political brothers, AO and GO because a closer look at the picture will reveal this is not a personal fight but a fight going on throughout Nigeria in its quest for change.


Nigeria wants to change the status quo of the looting of our resources for personal gain by few individuals in all states of the Country. I have always maintained that changing Nigeria will be a very serious and determined business. A change like this will require you to genuinely go to war with your wife, brother, sister, father, friends. or anybody who is part or in support of the status quo. Nobody has said AO did not do good things in Edo State when he was Governor, considering the way of the game then, he did well. He built roads, made friends, stepped on toes and he left huge questions financially. Who hasn’t? that is the problem of Nigeria. Oshiomhole's last gift to Edo people was Godwin Obaseki, another good deed which was perhaps the hardest to deliver as we can see with the political turmoil in Edo State today.


Since 2016, There has been a new wave of change wave across Nigeria, making Nigeria better, and the obstacle to this change remains the old players who are still in the majority. In fact, the old players brought in the new players (Buhari and Obaseki) knowing the new players were different, maybe they did not think they could do it. How wrong were they? What they did not quantify was the determination of the new players and how it would affect them.  


Things are happening so quickly across Nigeria that it is exposing the old players' shortcomings. All the monies stolen over the years was invested in nothing except private schools, houses abroad, girls and expensive cars etc, they squandered it. They did not invest in Nigeria or in anything that can benefit Nigerians. They have no plan B and want to continue stealing. Newsflash, the game is over and you are most likely to end up in Jail now. Tell that to your wife, children abroad and hangers-on at home, the game is over, go and find something constructive to do.


Back to Edo state and we are all aware that APC, PDP and EPM members are all brothers and friends.

It is time for a friendly reconciliation and putting Edo first. Let us allow Oshiomhole to go to Abuja and continue his job as a national chairman of the winning party.

The big fight for Edos is won, which is the one Adams Oshiomhole fought to bring Godwin Obaseki to power. The right man for the Edo People worldwide.


Let us use the Edo APC reconciliation better, use it to show Edo state is not a state of thugs and political disagreements but one of love, peace, and understanding.

Let Edo rise and shine.


Long live Edo State, Obaghatorkpere. Ise


The Editor.

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