Edo Primaries: Time to Use the Attention Better.

May 31, 2020

For the next 3 weeks of June 2020, Edos worldwide will be dragged through an unbearable and unnecessary political tussle, within the same party, that will determine our futures in more ways than one. Whilst this bitter battle has become inevitable, the unpredictable nature of the outcome has put all of us in the “concerned corner”.




 Accepting that the brake lights of the last bus to APC Edo reconciliation is now out of sight, all we can do is begin to imagine ourselves under a new management and a new leadership. That is the Edo reality of today. Whether you are an Obaseki supporter or not, a social media activist, a well-wishing bystander or a quiet observer, your influence on proceedings in the upcoming Edo primaries is almost 100% irrelevant, but the impact on your future, is 100% relevant. How did we get into this position?



Most people we have spoken to say supporting GO is easy. GO has taken Edo State in a new and modern direction. He has made immense strides in the Education and Health sectors. Infrastructure wise he is doing great with road constructions and ultra-modern buildings and he has removed agberoism from the fabric of Edo govt operations by CDA abolishment and computerised revenue collections. GO also scores high in paying state workers and pensioners on time and has established a strong relationship with Edos biggest stakeholders, the Edo Diaspora! So it is easy to love GO.


But one would be foolish to assume the above stated progress is lost on those seeking to overthrow GO. Edos must remember APC removing Ambode, that did not set Lagos back one bit, in fact quite the opposite, Lagos has done exceptionally well. That battle, like this one, was an infighting Political tussle, something that the APC Party seems to be excelling at.  


Back to Edo State and since the APC primaries nomination battle between Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu and Gov. Godwin Obaseki is going ahead, sensitizing the Edo people with information of the future direction of Edo State and security during the primaries has to now take precedence. The delegates, whether they decide on direct or indirect primaries should shift tone from the sounds of battle to the disco of good policies. Use the stage to project Edos and Edo State as progressive rather than making us look like a state of political thuggery. Begin telling the Edo people which things are going to continue, be different or better. 


This primaries dispute is not “result based” but structural and the people’s participation is limited, however, rubbishing Edo’s reputation in the process of settling this dispute must be non-negotiable. Edos have been through a lot lately in the eyes of the World and do not need another tragedy. We are still on the road to recovery from the Libya slave scandal, economic negligence and the 1897 expedition.


Causing fear and anxiety amongst Edos citizens worldwide is not the intention of our politicians, its just the obvious by-product of their current political actions. The open flames of battle that we now constantly see on Channels TV whenever Edo politicians are called upon must stop. Use the stage to project us better, upgrade our narrative by talking about good policies and future improvements, Edos are international now! On a last note PDP is leading this battle morally, whoever thought we would say that.


The Editor


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