Edo Political Game of Thrones: Are the Edo People about to be Spoilt?

June 16, 2020


Can we all simply agree on one thing, Godwin Obaseki is a good Governor.


Adams Oshiomhole, EPM members, political activists, social media activists and indigenes of Edo state home and abroad, I believe we can all agree on that. Strictly on the basis that we all want the betterment of Edo State and Godwin Obaseki brought us that. We thank him and the APC party tremendously.



Let us also agree  what is playing out today in Edo State, and has been for the last 2 years, is politics, no longer about us, the Edo people. That is not new in world politics. For example, in the USA Republican Party if you do not agree with Donald Trump and you speak out, the party will openly ostracize you and make your re-election harder, you are most likely to lose your seat. In the UK, during the last election, the labour party lost out by a historic margin because members in the same party did not agree with Jeremy Corbyn, who was the flag bearer of the party. Members have also moved across parties in both continents. My point is, in politics worldwide its always the party first. Anything contrary is predictably catastrophic for the party. Don’t ask me why it must be in their constitution, I am not a politician.


In Edo State, since Friday 12 June 2020, Edos have imploded under these two factors mentioned above “The party” and” The people”. We have turned it around and turned it on ourselves to solve this political puzzle. Add good and bad to the equation and you will see why, “The good of the people VS the good of the party”, actually “The good of the party equals the good of the people”. Which will mean “The bad party equals bad for the people” or it can now be “A bad party can be good with good new members”. This is very confusing and complex, sounds like the game of thrones except “This is Edo State, and this is our real current state”. Two political parties trying to win our vote to do better and the tone is already set.


If this is about developing Edo State and the Edo people, then Governor Obaseki has a great head start. His achievements are all too obvious to argue. He has set the tone. He is also the sitting Governor and regardless of any party politics, he is in a very strong position for re-election. As things stand, the APC party Edo State will have a new candidate. Whoever emerges will first have to heal the internal divisions within the party and get straight to the task of convincing the Edo people that he will be able to match Godwin Obaseki and do more. That is the contest we are about to see.


Forget about all that talk of thuggery or taking us back, rather, give them a chance to work. Let them “spoil us”. There is still so much to be done in Edo State like Electricity, jobs, Edo entertainment, social development, diaspora operations etc.  If it takes political disagreements to achieve that, then so be it. They have also shown us this disagreement will not lead to violence or bloodshed.


 Edos are glad to see the end of this in-house APC political tussle, the next stage will be exciting. Dare I say this fight has been a blessing in disguise, it has brought the Edo people to the centre. Edo voices are now louder than ever as to what will win us over and our politicians can hear that. Let us not get into their business.


All we know at this stage is Godwin Obaseki is our minimum requirement. Maybe they can do better, who knows, but we must maintain our focus on Edo State.


Start by telling us how you are going to do better than Godwin Obaseki and see if anyone remembers all this fighting in 2 weeks.


Edo people calm down, sit back and be ready to be spoilt. It’s our time.

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