God, Visions, Lucky dates and Underground Ward Chairmen, POI is Back!

June 23, 2020



All along this Edo battle, when Godwin Obaseki was in APC, there was just opposition. I do not believe their problem was simply “share the money” but whatever it is, they made sure we knew it was about them and party lines, not the Edo people. Now Godwin Obaseki is in PDP, the opposition is making us know the same.



Those supporters of the new opposition (APC under POI) who have been arguing that things will be different this time around, were left disappointed after watching Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu's interview on channels TV last night, as he emerged as the APC candidate of Edo State in a primaries election.


POI came across selling God, visions, his lucky dates, underground ward chairmen, favours to payback, loyalty and more loyalty. Why does Ize Iyamu have to make his campaign about loyalty? One supporter asked. It is taking the Edo people for a fool which they have shown they’re not, just last week! What are you going to do different?


Edos have watched for decades the deterioration of our state in the hands of politicians. Politicians who have proven to be clueless, unable, and unwilling to develop the state. These are our fellow Edos. They have failed us year in year out and the Edo people are suffering for this.  Now they are attempting to cement their agenda, that Edo will continue to be a state of favours to friends and loyalty only, and any opposition to this mission will be crushed, by hook, or crook. It is sad.


Protest by Edos worldwide- at home, in government offices, schools and various countries across the diaspora is simply because they won’t stand for it any longer. They are happy with their current leadership under Godwin Obaseki. They do not want a change, especially one that they know all too well. Godwin Obaseki is our cleverest man in our most challenging position. The future is bright for Edos. Law and order is restored, education restored, reputation restored, investor confidence restored, infrastructure is improving, Edo confidence is at its highest, Edo Diaspora are now thinking of moving home again, many wonderful things are happening under Obaseki. Lagos and other states are starting to envy us, and we are still in first term.  Under Obaseki, Edos have seen the light that we can do it. Why can’t we just be happy? Edo State is on her way back to Number 1. 


The actions of Edos show they have trusted GO with their destiny. They are behind him unshakably! Even if GO defects to the APGA party, he will win. There is a positive buzz amongst Edos, a unity of purpose, to be honest we have never seen this before. Its pure excitement to watch and even better to be part off. Its Hollywood stuff, real love, the kind politicians would die for, except this time it’s real, no film trick. The Edo people want Godwin Obaseki.


But it’s not over till Victor Uwaifo sings, and somehow there is still a battle. For now I am sure many people do not understand why this battle exist, but I am sure Pastor Ize Iyamu will see the vision and tell his supporters in his next channel interview since that is what it has come to,  visions, lucky dates, underground ward chairmen and favours to payback!


Edos, hold my Glass.




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