If You “Wake and See” Questions, Ask them!

July 16, 2020



Edo people stop clapping, Edo people stop bullying, Edo people stop lying to ourselves, this election is our battle, not politicians, ours. Our present, our futures, our children’s future, our state’s future, ours. In the past we Edos clapped with Oshiomhole and now he is public enemy No 1, where are the clappers now? We knew about the Iyahmo mansion, the Ize Iyamu N700m before but it never stopped us from clapping. Why do we keep bringing up old things we know Nigerian politicians will never pay for and use them to blindsight our future reasoning? We have an election, NOW, if we are objective crimes of 1999 and 2008 are irrelevant, especially in the Nigerian context. Our game should be getting the best out of our politicians for our state and how do we do that. How do we make them perform, perform better and keep performing? If they have failed in the past it is also because we have failed in the past. Another opportunity has arrived, and I damned tell you that this time I am concerned about Edo State and no bloody candidate. The suffering is too much for us to get it wrong for ourselves again. Let’s get down to business.





Until this week many wondered what APC under POI was going to offer the Edo people. Like them I was happy to see the back of political accusations, law courts, under the mango tree and cross-party celebrations, just eager to get down to the business at hand "Serving The Edo People".


I watched the live POI delivery of his simple agenda manifesto on 11 July 2020. It was surprisingly refreshing, delivered with passion, and made me wonder many things including what could have been if he was a new politician? what Nigeria can take from all of us, what exposure can do, unforgiveness and many things. But I could not hide away from the fact that we need competition in power and how do we as a people do it. Above all I finished listening accepting that without the existence of a credible independent branch overseeing government at all levels, propaganda has the power to rob the people not only of the right decisions but also the lessons learnt. How can the Edo people take charge of their government permanently?


The media, it is important now we push our leaders with honest and simple questions. Let the people have the answers, verify them and make informed decisions. There is so much media around today and this is a good standard to put governance in the hands of the people. Let’s make politicians stick to their manifesto they sold us, which we bought, and appraise them on that manifesto. Today many cannot connect clearing ring road to the manifesto APC gave us 4 years ago. If defeating Tony Kabaka was on the manifesto, then it must be clear and maybe some people will vote for that. If renovating the secretariat and government house amongst other good things was on the manifesto, then it must be clear, and I also believe some would vote for that. Not been able to verify job numbers, employment numbers, training numbers, business set up numbers and many serious indicators promised is not a good thing; these are people’s lives we are talking about. Paying salaries and pensions is good but we want more, in fact we deserve more, especially when we know that we can do more. We are currently knee deep in problems from every angle you look at it, so if there was so much more any government could have given us in the same time, we should be demanding an explanation from our current government and letting them know to shape up because Edo is looking for someone who can fulfil its potential. That is our mission, we are not just clappers. We do it for a reason.


The current standard of wanting fair governance in Nigeria was recently reaffirmed by the Edo people. They know now that Edo is not Lagos. We did it, Edo people, not Godwin Obaseki, so if he fails, we fail. So, if you “wake and see questions, ask them. All that insults, bullying and clapping is what has brought us here in the first place, may I add by the same people, and they are doing it again in front of our eyes, politicking, We have to do something different as citizens


Back to the POI manifesto, The P “Public Private Partnerships” stood out. An outstandingly brilliant, workable and ready to go idea. I mean like today.  If you live in the diaspora you must admit you know how much jobs this programme could create, thousands of jobs and benefits for the Edo people. That is what we want regardless of government. Why can’t we have that now or under any future administration?


Lets finish off with some important questions that Edo people need more clarity on from PDP under GO, perhaps it will be included in their manifesto presentation for the next 4 years which we are expecting.  


  1. State Direction: Is Edo state going for Education, Agriculture, Health, Housing, Industrialisation, Tourism, Sports, etc, which sector are we heavily focused on and why? The Edo people want more clarity so we can appraise you.

  2. Cost of Projects: Cost of executing all Edo state government projects should be open to the public. The Edo people want to know if this is available now.

  3. Timeline of Projects: All Government projects should have a timeline of beginning and ending. The Edo people want to see this information.

  4. Edo based Contractors: What percentage of locally based Edo contractors are involved in all government projects? Who are they and how will these numbers steadily increase? The Edo people want to see this information.   

  5. On Education: We understand Edobest is still expanding its reach but, are there still primary schools in Edo rural areas with only one teacher doing everything? Is this true and why? The Edo people want to know.

  6. Health Centres: 192 health centres, one across each ward was promised 4 years ago. POI states only 22 were completed. Edo people want to know if this is true? Why and when the others be completed

  7.  On Agriculture how much employment has the state created from the N2bn Sobe and N5bn agricultural loan for farmers? Edo people want to see the beneficiaries come out and testify and know how these loans can be accessed.

  8. Industry: How many industries did Edo state create in the last 4 years? POI said none! Edo people want to know including details of locations and employment numbers.

  9. Updates and Practicality: Vocal promises from politicians will no longer be accepted. Edo people want to know the workability of promises. The Edo people want updates on MOUs and agreements. Forest guards, Gelegele Port, the mobile books library schemes and many govt projects initiated 3 years ago do not give updates.

  10. Training and Employment: How many people have been trained in Edo State and in what job skill. Who are they, graduates or undergraduates? Where are they now, What are the problems training more? How many have jobs or have been set up, how many are left and what is needed.  



Let us be one people who want the betterment of our state.



The Editor


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