Let them Campaign with Your List Rather Than Their Promises.

July 23, 2020


We need to stay on the issue and stop deviating massively. Listen, Edo politics or just politics worldwide, politicians are the privileged ones. If you followed the impeachment hearing of Donald Trump a few months ago, the privilege of politicians in the way juicy contracts and positions to their families worth  billions of dollars was exposed, in congress, in front of the world, with the contracts that were awarded to Joe Biden’s son. At the end of the day no one cared because all of them are doing the same thing. Politicians all help their families and friends, I mean think about it, how could they not. if it was you who had all this control, connections and decisions on how to spend billions, the high chances are you will help your family and friends. But work for the people, give them what they want.




In Edo state ever since Lucky Igbinedion was Governor, since democracy, it has been probe after probe and accusations after accusations from successive Edo Governments. Corruption and Godfatherism. Oshiomhole did it to Igbinedion and now Obaseki is saying the same to Oshiomhole.  I bet you any money whenever Godwin Obaseki leaves, 4+4 or later, the next Governor will accuse him of something. Corruption, Godfatherism, over inflated contracts and helping friends. It’s the politician’s way. The people will come out and scream propaganda and accusations against GO as they are doing right now against Oshiomhole. We should realise politics is a game for politicians. At the end of the day it will all come down to what the people were able to get from any Government, whether you like the person or not, is irrelevant.


Vote for Godwin Obaseki if you feel Edo has gotten more out of him than the last administration, and more importantly, will get more if he gets another 4 years. Vote for POI if you feel Edo can get more out of POI than GO. Politicians are no saints.


I do not want another fountain and flowers in ring road that cost billions. I do not want armoured trucks to arrest and kill Edo youths when they have not been given opportunities. I want Edo entertainment to bring Edo youths back to Edo state. I want the Edo first lady to work with Edo women in diaspora so that Edo girls can have better opportunities. I want Edo tourism because the Edo Diaspora are ready tourist that can inject capital and employment into Edo State. What do you want for Edo? This is our involvement.


Leave Obaseki alone, leave POI, leave Oshiomhole, leave Captain Hosa, leave politicians and big men alone! This is the time for you to say what you want for Edo rather than complain about what you are given later, after 4 years, and how much it cost or didn’t cost. What do you want for Edo State to make it better? Let them campaign with your list rather than their promises.


The Editor

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