We Do Not Want Channels TV to Host the Edo State 2020 Governorship Debate.

July 24, 2020


I remember vividly, all the election hype, emotions and expectations in the 2016 Edo State Governorship election. I was appalled by the way the election was covered by Channels TV.   

Channels TV called their underwhelming display “A Governorship debate”. If you watched this debate, on Channels TV, you would not know this Edo government would be representing an international population, you would not know the difficulties each one might face in today’s Edo State, you would not know many things because too many things were missing. It was bad.



Channels TV panellist were asking pipedream blanket questions on corruption, scrapping the security volt and dead projects of the last decade like Okpilla Cement. The whole debate was a waste of time and could not help the Edo people make up their mind one way or the other. If you wish to recall the poor presentation then you can still watch it, it’s still on youtube.


What Channels did was give their host an overview of the main candidates, GO and POI. Then search google and find any gossip that affects the candidates that the people know about, then their presenter would just turn up and wing it. That was disrespectful to Edo intellects worldwide, especially those expecting to know more about what each candidate had to offer. Channels panellists appeared to care more about how they came across as opposed to their guests. The open secret of Channels TV is they have proven to have access but not questions and it seems all they want is friends and not answers.


The Edo State 2020 Governorship election is a big deal.  The Edo people worldwide are polarised right now. Its GO and POI again! We need presenters and interviewers who can feel the pulse of the people and understands the sentiments to be fair to all the candidates. Above all give the Edo people information that can help us make up our minds and unite us.

We have all the technology today including facebook and youtube. Let the state Government organise the debate. Edo Connect is here but if you don’t want us, get a panel that will represent the interest of Edos worldwide in this debate. So far Channels TV is not the one.


The Editor


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