“Thuggery” The only Booming Industry for Youths in Edo State.

July 28, 2020


It’s time for Edos to stop the denial, accept the real problem and our part in it. 

On 25 July 2020, all of us saw the problem again, clear as day, it’s not a new problem and it’s still here with this administration.



Successive Edo Governments, educated personalities, the wealthy and now the Edos in Diaspora, stir up trouble, an issue in which they have a personal interest and send Edo youths to fight and kill themselves over it. They follow through and pay the most money to the winner of this thuggery. Everyone is happy and sustained based on which side you are on and the cycle starts again.


After Saturday’s ugly incident at the Oba’s Palace which I will talk about further down, the Edo Government ramped up their response; “it’s fire for fire” they declared. The Edo diaspora energized the same rhetoric, we are prepared, Towagba, and the average Edo citizen has followed these two groups of leaders. One is the Govt and the other the Edo diaspora, both role models in the society. The only sweetener in this battle is neither of these two groups above will be directly involved in the violence. They will instigate, facilitate, explain and sponsor it. Everyone, I mean everyone, can be employed and paid, handsomely and quickly, in the Edo booming industry of “Youth Thuggery”. Why are we denying it?


Why can’t the problem between Oshiomhole and Obaseki be settled by the Law or our traditional institutions and we all accept the outcome? What will settle it? Oh, I know what will, Edo Youth Blood. No, we cannot give them money for entertainment and social development, of course not, it will not progress the state and does not have any long term benefits, or perhaps it is that Edo youths are not singing with Edo language or hustling like the Lagos artist. Funny how good they are when it comes to politics and thuggery time. Maybe its us and how we resolve our differences in Edo State that has now manifested. I am surprised no one has ever mentioned seeing Edo youth’s thuggery in other states in Nigeria, or why when an Edo youth leaves Benin -city they do not become a thugs elsewhere?


I wonder why no one ever asks, who are the Edo thugs, agberos and cultists that the Edo politicians are talking about and arresting? The answer is Edo youths from Ogbe that have not been able to travel abroad are the ones being referred to as Agberos and political thugs in Benin today. The number has grown all over the state due to unemployment.


The truth is Tony Kabaka’s life is a representation of the life of the average Edo youth in Edo State. His story till date is the only option left for the average youth to become a success in Edo State. All these new social media activists that many in diaspora are supporting are all new Kabaka's in the making. They may not have his power, just now, but the fact remains, politics is how they survive. It’s the only option these politicians have left for our Edo youths to succeed, they must become “Political thugs”. The politicians know us, they will build us one thing and leave, school, road, fountain or apartments. Edos will then praise them with a good name forever, saying they tried. That is us.


You know when I saw the way GO was moving, I had hope too like many people, that he knew the problem and was going to solve it. I thought I will see the day Tony Kabaka will be in a suit and be one of the delegates sent to China. I knew the power of that image. I knew that image would signal the change that will bring hope to Edo youths and tears to the eyes of Edo market women. That image also has the power to bring security to Edo State and many positive things and it is not wishful thinking. How wrong was I, no need to express my feelings today?


We have pushed all our Edo youths into a corner and at this point it is safe to say, we want to kill our youths! Just think what is happening right now in Edo state if you are a youth, you either join one side or get out of town to look for a future elsewhere because you will not be remembered when one side wins.


Back to Saturday 25th of July. None of the Governorship candidates or aides were injured, none of the influential Edos and no member of the Edo diaspora were injured or killed, that is how it will be before or after Sept 19th 2020. The only ones that will get injured or killed, are Edo Youths. This is the real story.


To Edos, I don’t care if Oshiomhole lied to you or not. If he thinks you are foolish or not, or if he kneels down or dances, that’s Oshiomhole’s bloody business. I do care if you try to arrest, maim and kill my brothers, fathers and sons and I believe that is what we should all care about. If there is a fight at all, it should be us against them, and not us against ourselves.


Finally, the Oba’s Palace, a sacred place in Benin, open to all Edos and many when we need refuge. A home where Edos and all manner of people across Nigeria come to seek peace and justice. In recent times the rift between Orji Kalu and the late chief Anenih were settled at the Oba’s Palace. When southerners were being killed in the North, all the Mallams in Edo State doing Bureau De change ran to the Oba’s Palace for protection and once they got into the Palace nobody touched them. How Edo politicians could have concocted what transpired in Benin-city on Saturday 25th July is above all comprehension. We should all be concerned and attend to the real problem now “Edo Youths”.


Its time to change and care about our youths. Time to speak up for our youths. and, not a time to kill and arrest them, they have done that before and it never worked. It will not now.


The Editor


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