Two Brothers! Edo People it’s Time to Consider Dumping Them.

August 7, 2020

Desperation, betrayal, abuse, threats, blood, disloyalty, dis-obedience, selfishness, self-interest, and more negatives, all the ugly traits of Edos are out in the open today, because of 2 brothers.



They have used their powers to bend the laws, used propaganda to confuse the people, used their wealth to buy influence and arms, divided the people, and have now finally decided “we are going to war”. Edo People why are we following them?


Edos are people of pride and integrity, not stupidity! I do not know many Edos that could have been in an open disagreement for 2 years and still ended up taking the worst decision possible. Dumb is an understatement. They have taken disgrace to our Royal Household and brought distress upon Edoland. This is not politics. These two brothers seem to have forgotten who they are, the bigger problem is, so have we.


As every day goes now by Edos seem to be getting more comfortable with the worse type of violence displayed, depending on which side you are on. Gunshots, blood, brother against brother…etc what for? What is in Osadebey Avenue that has ever been good for Edo people? For 37 years since 1983, all we have gotten from the occupants of Osadebey Avenue is thousands of dead Edo brothers and sisters in the Mediterranean Sea and hundreds of thousands more displaced from our home. A state without a future. We are just finding peace and here they come again, trying to throw away all the gains we have made, and showing the World that governing Edo state is not about the people but some Ego-tripping homosapiens.


At this point I could not trust GO any more than I can trust POI. It’s not worth calling their names right now. Edo State will have a Governor no doubt about it. There is the real opportunity of independent change instead of these two desperate War lords who, going by their present conduct will hardly have anything left in the coffers to serve the Edo people. They are showing they are not fit for the highest office in the land.


In the history of Edo State, there has never been a problem our Royal father has not been able to solve. These two brothers have chosen not to want that choice. Edo people, we should tell them now: No ifs, no buts, if anyone dies, we will dump these two brothers to put an end to this show of shame. We should call on Our Royal father to invoke the spirit of our ancestors upon them.


There are 14 candidates on the Ballot Box. It’s time for Edo people to consider dumping these two brothers.


The Editor.

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