3 Positives So Far from Edo 2020

August 14, 2020


Edos have collectively frowned at violence.

The awareness against violence in Edo State is at an all time high. We should not relent. Edo State must become a State known for its political tolerance, not violence and assassinations. A state where people can freely express their political preferences without fear of attack. Politics is an opportunity for everybody to show how connected they are to their community and what is needed to improve it.  We must learn to create room to hear, accept and accommodate the best solutions for politics to work for us. Denouncing violence is a very big step in the right direction. Violence is of no advantage to us whatsoever.


Edos have taken back control of their state.


I cannot believe all the magical and amazing moments that have been created in this 2020 election. From the reactions of the Edos in diaspora to the electric fever in the campaigns, it is all good progress that will serve the Edo people well. The method of politicians deliberately lying to their people is at an end because everything is on tape now. Only promise what you can do. Integrity and honour must be put back in politics.  In 4 year’s time you will regret lying to the Edo people today and there will be evidence. There is the standard of governance going forward set by the Edo people


No Automatic assumption, No excuses accepted, Edo Governance Tenure is “4 year only”.

In 4 years between 1979 and 1983, Prof. Ambrose Alli built over 600 secondary schools, abolished school fees, established 4 teacher’s training college, massive road construction to open rural areas, built low cost housing estates in Benin, gave students bursary, free books, and many more in 4 years.   Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia built Ogbe stadium, The national museum, Agbede mechanized farm, Rural electrification board, Bendel steel structures board. Most of these were done in Ogbemudia’s first 4 years.

Both Alli and Ogbemudia faced massive challenges and opposition compared to Edo politicians today. Edos will not be accepting any excuses after 2020. Show us your result matched to your promises or you will go!

Bin your automatic 8-year assumption, its a 4-year tenure going forward regardless of party. You will sweat for the next 4 years rather than use it for stealing as it is today.




There is great optimism now that Edo will be a better place borne out The Edo 2020 Election. The wives are out campaigning too so what more could we ask for. Edo's future is bright and may the best candidate win.




The Editor.

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