Breakdown The Manifesto. Edo 2020 Elections.

August 14, 2020


I have read through the “Mega” and “Simple Agenda” manifestos put forward by Gov. Obaseki and Pastor Ize Iyamu respectively, in order to win the Edo2020 elections. Not a  deep read I have to admit, but both manifestos seem to be missing the real breakdown, how does all this fancy terms translate to numbers? Tell us:





  • How many schools (Primary, secondary, skills acquisition etc) will be built, renovated and opened in the next 4 years? where will they be located and why that location?

  • How many health centres or hospitals, where will they be located? in the next 4 years.

  • How many markets will be built or renovated?

  • Will taxes be increased or reduced for market traders?

  • How many ambulances or fire service will we have and where?

  • How many functional boreholes for clean water will you build? Where?

  • How many security agents do you plan to recruit and in which areas? 

  • What buildings or institutions do you want to upgrade in status or close down? why?

  • How many youths do you estimate will be employed, in what industry within 4 years.

  • Will you guarantee to continue paying salaries and pensions? We like that.

  • What are your plans for the disabled and physically challenged in Edo state?

  • Will you be able to give us electricity and when?

  • What will you do that will be specific in 4 years? 

Edos do not want to get to 2024 with the same confusion we are having now so help us by breaking down your manifestos to real terms and what is achievable in real time, 4 years. We no longer want to find ourselves accepting tarring road to your village , a fountain, Tony Kabaka or EFCC as the reason for electing our Governor. We want to be very clear why we are voting someone in or out. It is important that person understands it too. There are 5 weeks remaining to election so keep campaigning but please start bringing the numbers and breaking down these manifestos to simple terms.The Edo people are the government now and if anything, we want to makesure no politician will be able to fool us anymore.


The Editor

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