UMOGUN Eminiminimini gha tókpére....isèèè. The Day GO & POI Set a New Record in Edo State Politics.

September 3, 2020


The horror of watching the Edo2020 discussions hijacked by the rhetoric of hate amongst Edos has finally ended. Hug yourselves, drink with yourselves, make your point, enjoy your campaign, laugh, one person will win and the other will join hands with the winner to make Edo State better. Our father has spoken.





Oba Ewuare II spoke wisdom and love to the Edo State’s political actors. He informed them of the sleepless nights they have given him, reminded them of their brotherhood and responsibilities of peace as major Edo stakeholders, and that our unity as Edo people is greater than 4 years in Osadebey Avenue. The brothers GO and POI, who were both humble in appearance and exemplary in behaviour obliged their father. There was no pride, explanation, or resistance. They apologised to their father for their conduct so far and guaranteed him the anxiety, division, and panic in Edo State due to Edo2020 is now a thing of the past. The brothers were tired of fighting and seeing the division amongst their people caused by this election, they got up and hugged each other, and received the special blessings of their father. This one moment will be remembered in Edo history for all the right reasons. Obaghator Kpere. Ise.


Even if you do not win this election you cannot lose, Umogun has made sure everyone is a winner. Henceforth GO and POI will be remembered as great senior brothers and Political role models for any future politician in Edo State. The realisation that Edo brotherhood transcends all political boundaries is a victory for all and this is the new benchmark for Edo politics set by GO and POI.

Oba Ewuare II has helped negate the danger that the Edo2020 would bring shame to the people of Edo State. We the Edo people, especially those in diaspora, now have a chance to make the Edo2020 election a positive spectacle. Until now, most of the best educated and well-placed Edos in diaspora were shut out of contributing in Edo2020 elections due to the open threats, hate, vile language, online abuse and bullying from supporters of both camps. Edos were at extremes, home and in diaspora, hurting each other and hurting Edo state’s development in the process, until our father intervened.


The good things will now start thriving in Edo2020. First, the negative Edo energy propagated by some main Edo social media activists is finished. Their long videos of hate speeches which convinced so many Edos in diaspora to hate each other will no longer work. Our father has spoken love over everything, and our leaders have led by example. Tell me, in which other Nigerian State would you find an image like the one above at such a crucial time in an election. 1 Nil to the Edos.

The Edo diaspora influence in Edo2020 is huge. It has provided us a great opportunity to strengthen our ties with the Edo Government and to ask to support Edo state’s development from all angles. The diaspora can get what we want to support Edo right now if we say it. This is happening in Edo State when other states in Nigeria with a diaspora population are still waiting for the right of diaspora vote. 2 Nil to Edos.


 I can keep going, but not today, because this moment belongs to Umogun Eminiminimini and our ancestors, thank you for rescuing us from a very bitter and divisive situation.

Getting GO and POI to the Oba’s Palace at this crucial time was a masterstroke. It was all we needed. It is fair to say this was our final chance to achieve peace and get Edo people back together before Sept 19 and after. Boy, did our Oba come through for us. Obaghatorkpere, Isee.  I believe our father will also resolve the difference between The Edo North Father and Son, Philip Shuibu and Adams Oshiomhole so expect more good news very soon!

Nobody should be ashamed of what they have said or written because our father has absolved us of that. The past is the past. Let us reset now for an objective Edo2020 campaign governed by love, respect for one another and peace in our land.

Before September 19th  2020, Edo connect will be organising an objective Zoom conference/debate with supporters of both sides, APC and PDP, to discuss their preferred candidates and the huge influence of the Edo diaspora in Edo2020. 

Obaghorkpere ise.Oba Ewuare II, #Obarescue, #Obasaviour,#obalove UMOGUN Eminiminimini gha tókpére....isèèè

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