The Double Standard of the Edo Diaspora in Edo 2020

September 15, 2020


First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye. Matthew 7:5



Many Edos in the UK and USA diaspora have called me up to explain the reason they are fighting in Edo2020, it’s for their future generations, fair point. The only snag is when you ask them which generation? The generations of Edo children you have in your household in the diaspora or the unknown Edo generations somewhere in orhionmwon in Edo State? I am not sure.


In the diaspora, Edos have everything that is missing in Edo State; 24 hour electricity, internet, house, car, family, schools, degrees, employment you name it. Millions of Edos here have been able to leverage on these opportunities, developed themselves and are enjoying super untold success stories in the diaspora, the best to them.


The average age of an Edo child in the Edo diaspora now is around 30 years old. In almost all cases, that child does not know their Edo community, identify with it, nor do they contribute anything to the upkeep or development of their community. That is because the Edo diaspora Community has failed them totally! I will give examples as we read on. The question remains, how can they explain their care for future generations when they are currently throwing theirs away? This is Edo resource mismanaged, misused.


The Edo diaspora has not been able to convert 1% of the Edo generations in their own household to be productive to the Edo community worldwide. If they did Edo State will be better for it and all our athletes, footballers, top intellectuals would have come to make Edo state better because they are proud of what their community gave them. The Edo diaspora must look at themselves and how to address this trend. Its more serious than Edo2020.


When you hear of the contributions the Edo diaspora are making in Edo2020, almost 100% of the Edos doing it have not put 1% of that towards developing their diaspora communities. You must start wondering why? Its hard to believe they have Edo’s best interest at heart, I believe they are bored and frustrated by the mess they have made here, and they are looking for a way out. A man who does not care about his brother or sister here cannot convince us that he cares about unknown persons millions of miles away in orhionwon or ikpoba oka.


The reality of how the majority of Edos in diaspora feel about their own community is very different to what they are professing about Edo2020. What is our real motive considering we are failing woefully in our own Edo diaspora responsibilities?

Some of the challenges in the Edo diaspora that need to be addressed urgently include:

  • Over 50% of Edos in diaspora do not identify or interact with the Edo community. Why?

  • Up to 80% of Edos in diaspora do not contribute anything to the Edo community. Why?

  • Up to 80% of Edos in diaspora have no time for the Edo community, no meetings, no discussions. Why?

  • Edo children in diaspora, typically those aged 20-30 years, are hustling for identity and opportunities in other Nigerian and African communities. Why?

  • The Edo State Govt does not know about the state of the Edo diaspora. Why?

  • Most Edos in diaspora have their private investment in Edo State and that is why they care.

  • More than 50% of Edo marriages in diaspora are broken.

  • The Edo diaspora community does not support Edos in difficulty eg The Edo man who left the diaspora to go home, established a farm, employed people, was kidnapped and killed in Edo State. He left 5 kids and a wife. The Edo diaspora has not asked of them at all, 2 years and counting.

  • The Edo diaspora will only contribute to something that will benefit them personally hence they do not want to help the Edo generations in entertainment. They would rather lose them.

  • How many Edos employ Edos or use Edo services in the Edo diaspora?

  • All the high remittances into Edo state are done individually and not as a community. Why?

  • The Edo diaspora community does not support a system to help Edos in difficulty in diaspora

  • Not 1% of Edo children are marrying each other

  • Not 1% of Edo children can find any opportunity or support in the Edo diaspora community

  • Less than 10% of Edo children know about their rich culture and how to access it

The Edo diaspora are neglecting Edo investments in diaspora and Edos at home should care about this. If Edos can fix the diaspora then there will be more solutions for Edos at home. If they do not care about their immediate welfare here, how can they truly care about Edo State? The question remains.


The long and short story is Edos in Diaspora left Edo State when it was not working. They have made a mess of their diaspora community and want to leave because now the Edo diaspora is not working. They have all their personal investment in Edo state and that is why they want to go back. That’s their PERSONAL investments! It should not be so. They should help harness the resource Edo has in diaspora which will help develop Edo state in a big way across all sectors, if we can tap into our generations of Edo successful professionals, premiership players, sports professionals, entertainment superstars and so on.


In London, there’re Asian descendants who occupy the positions of the ex-chequer, Mayor of London and many more influential positions and can help their communities positively home and abroad because the community was there for them. The Yoruba and Igbo children are the best entertainers in Afrobeat and Nollywood and are also influencers helping developments in their communities. Edo generations in diaspora have nothing to lean on, not even a community. The Edo diaspora want to play themselves deflecting that Edo2020 is more important than the problem they see in their own households every day.


Let the Edo diaspora use Edo2020 as a time to reset their responsibilities in their community. At this moment, the Edo diaspora are unfit to tell people who live in Edo state what good governance is, seeing how they are handling their Edo diaspora community. They should clear the log in their eyes before the speck in Edo State. Allow the Edo people at home to vote what is good for them in Edo2020.


The Editor


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