MOU Signed, All Edo Godfatherism Barriers Fall in Decisive Victory.

September 21, 2020

Godwin Obaseki was re-elected Edo State Governor on Saturday 19 September, sweeping away all barriers of political Godfatherism that have held Edo back since 1983.



All facets of Edo State chose him over their own in what amounted to a political embarrassment- a Lagos based, non-Benin speaking technocrat, who switched major political parties with 3 months to the election has changed the direction and tone of not just Edo State but Nigeria as a country.


“Ogbane” will be remembered as a symbolic moment, a breakthrough that seemed impossible 3 months ago.


Godwin Obaseki defeated Oshoimhole and POI (a grassroot party man to the core and a political heavyweight) on their own turf and will satisfyingly be entering Osadebey Avenue with a mandate by the Edo people to take them to the next level. This is the crux of the matter settled.


To the very end, POI’s campaign was eclipsed by an opponent who was nothing short of a phenomenon. GO stayed in the queue for 1hr.30m to cast his vote, to be among the people, even if it was for the last time as Governor, he wanted to demonstrate the humility of his heart and intentions was always to do well for Edos. From 12pm on Saturday Edos repaid that faith and showed GO, they have truly given him their hearts, and nothing will stop this alliance whose time has come.


POI fought a good battle, weighed down by the baggage inflicted on him by Oshiomhole in 2016, but it was not to be. Bola Tinubu’s speech to Edos and holding Gov. Wike in a hotel on the eve of the election whilst similar opposition were left to roam freely irked the Edo people further. The Edo people were convinced it will be now or never. Come the next day, Sept 19, the peoples’ will triumphed. Bola Tinubu was sent back to Lagos defeated and Oshiomhole confined to Iyahmo for the foreseeable future.


A youth in Edo State spoke to me last night to say “Bros, I feel fulfilled, I feel hope!” Edo State from being ridiculed as the capital of human trafficking 4 years ago has turned the full 360 into the capital of democracy and hope in Nigeria.


GO has thanked President Buhari and INEC for allowing democracy reign. He has thanked all Edo citizens for their resolute character in this deeply dividing election.


POI is yet to deliver his concession speech, nor has he offered his congratulations to Gov. Obaseki and saluted the historical significance of the moment. They both must realize that Edo State has come a long way from the injustices that has held down the people, and it has taken a battle between two brothers to break it.


In this historic election let’s recognize the significance of the Edo diaspora in this battle. They deserve the special pride they feel about September 19, 2020. The road ahead will be long but healing the divisions amongst the people must the first one. This is a victory for all Edos.

Obaghatorpkere, Ise.

From Edo Connect “OGBANE.

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