The Edo Diaspora, Its Time to Collapse All Your Structures into ONE or Continue Missing Out.

September 22, 2020

This is the 2nd time in the space of 2 years something monumental is happening in the Edo diaspora UK community and it seems, the community will miss out again due to its own fault.



The first Edo Summit UK held 21 June 2019 which Gov. Godwin Obaseki attended in London was a huge success. He engaged intimately, informing the community of his projects, plans and opportunities for them to help rebuild Edo State. After the summit many Edos in the UK who were far from the community saw GOs attendance as a very positive thing and wanted to get involved. They were Edos, they wanted to join the Edo community, contribute their skill and resource to help build the Edo Diaspora community and Edo State. Sadly, they could not because the Edo UK diaspora community lacked a structure to absorb them or the help they were bringing. Everyone operated individually with their own vision either as a Union, association, or organisation but not as one Edo body. It became obvious in 2019 that as a community we had no clear objective or how to achieve it, and so, the opportunity passed.


One year later its Edo2020, the Edo diaspora UK community led by Dr. Loretta Ogboro Okor, Mrs Esosa Edogiawerie, Mr Lamptin Oriakhi, Nebo TV, GBKM, Amb. Joe Ehigimusoe and so many others put in astronomical efforts and resources to ensure Edo2020 was a victory for the Gov. Obaseki. These efforts have brought a new energy and once again presented the same opportunities as 2019. This time the number of Edos and non-Edos who want to get involved in the community is bigger because of the significance of the victory of Edo2020. I know because many of them are calling me like they did in 2019.  I am afraid to say that the indications are that we will arrive at the same result as 2019 unless we do something. We still have no structure; we still cannot absorb our Edo resource and the divisions created by Edo2020 are now a new obstacle.


The Edo diaspora MUST do something different this time. We must use this opportunity of Edo unity which is of the envy of many right now, to confront our biggest challenge of building a STRUCTURE! We must confront this challenge vigorously or we will continue to miss out on all opportunities to develop Edo (the Diaspora, the generation children and Edo State). One structure, that will have a clear objective to absorb all Edo generations in diaspora and enable us to fulfil our potential in diaspora and Edo State.


The challenge for all current Edo associations, unions, clubs etc is to COLLAPSE their structures into one. They must agree!


We must agree to end this disjointing approach where if one person is not happy, they will form a new union, club, association and give it their own idea. This practice has resulted in over 100 Edo associations in the UK Diaspora (If you add wassup groups), of men and women, all with different ideas and all not in tune with one another


The concerns have been raised so many times and in so many places, but nothing has been done about it. No specific union has been singled out, but a community not driven by the same views is reflected in our collective failure to make progress.


However, even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision we also have to be rooted in reality “The average Edo Union doesn’t think they have to completely tear down their structure for us to make progress”. This is true.


Acknowledging that a change is needed and embracing that change is the first step we must take now. All proposals and discussions on the practicalities are welcome, but the discussion must start now.


It’s simple, collapse all our existing Edo structures into one or continue missing out.


The Editor


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